Mondo Diablo Episode 279: Gruesome O-Mania

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  1. How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner

    This SPECIAL SPOOKY HALLOWEEN episode of How Was Your Week Live —HOW WAS YOUR SHRIEK— was recorded live on October 17th at The Bell House in terrifying New York City!


    Regret not being there live to see a surprise—and spooky—appearance by GENE SIMMONS, kind of! Marvel at the Halloween Costume Contest, which admittedly might not translate well to audio! Enjoy Ted & Julie’s SPOOKY SONG-OFF! And gird your loins for CATS fan fiction and Tawny Kitaen’s geniunely horrifying Twitter feed.

    Plus—the lyrics to FRANKENSTEIN, finally! Spangles The Cat! The five things that scare Gabe! What slutty thing John Lithgow once said to Kristen on the set of 3RD ROCK! A man named Cheryl Morgan! And Gary Tha Squirrel’s favorite candies. Oh, would you were there. Here are photos!

    What a show! What a memory-maker! Best Halloween Ever!

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  2. Mondo Diablo Episode 359: Super Spooky Stories

    Prepare to be chilled and thrilled by three children’s Halloween records.

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  3. New World Notes: #52 - Radio Great Revived — Mr. Jean Shepherd, Segment 1

    A tribute to the ad-lib storytelling art of radio great Jean Shepherd (fl. 1960s). One of his great 45-minute late-night monologues on WOR-AM/FM (Oct. 28, 1965) is here surgically slimmed to fit a half-hour program. Shepherd weaves together a humorous tale of grenade-replica cigarette lighters, the real George Washington, crime in reality vs. on "Route 66," and (the best part of the story) life in Covington, KY—the redneck quarter of Cincinnati, Ohio—in the 1950s.

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  4. Mondo Diablo Episode 206: Shep’s Bulldada

    "Shep" refers to the great Jean Shepherd of "A Christmas Story" fame. "Bulldada" is unintentional hilarity, and, in this case, unintentional hilarity of the type that finds its way to you in the mail, slipped into a library book, hiding on a thrift-store shelf, or pinned to a public kiosk. Information that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Listen as Jean Shepherd, from April 1965, with True Slack, reads one such piece of Bulldada.

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  5. Jean Shepherd - Intro to the ARRL Code Course

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  6. Halloween Listening: A Moan, a Post, and a Little Bell

    Each of these represents a spooky true story to tell on Halloween … With Halloween falling on Saturday, the 31st of this month, I’m reminded once again of how New Englanders have always seemed a little preoccupied with old cemeteries.

    From Jud’s New England Journal (

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  7. Dana G(h)ould’s Six Picks For Spooky Flicks | New Hampshire Public Radio

    We had the pleasure of speaking with Dana GoOoOoOuld about his favorite Halloween movies. If you haven’t solidified your spooky viewing schedule for

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  8. Jean Shepherd - Hamvention 1980 Keynote

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  9. Jean Shepherd - 1985 Hamvention Keynote

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  10. Jean Shepherd Thoughts 1959

    1959 episode of Jean Shepherd’s WOR radio program.

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