Mondo Diablo 380: Back From the Deep

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  1. 3 Easy Comebacks For Any Insult

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    Today we are looking at some comebacks! We're going to see what we can learn from the way people responded in today's clips to particular offenses and insults, and what you can learn in your own life if somebody comes at you in a way that you find a bit too aggressive.


    0:15 - Comeback #1: Andy Richter 1:15 - Comeback #2: Bo Burnham 1:55 - Comeback #3: UK Parliament 3:27 - Comeback #4: Donald Trump 4:02 - Comeback #5: David Letterman 5:14 - Comeback #6: Jaime Lannister 5:38 - Comeback #7: Howard with the comeback 6:25 - Comeback #8: Donald Trump vs Jeb Bush 7:08 - Comeback #9: Conan O' Brien

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  2. 🔴LIVE: Scott Ritter on the Possibility of Peace, Kherson, Bandera, and the Operation in Belarus

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  3. Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 255: The Newsroom, The Comeback & more

    In a new Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, HitFixs Alan Sepinwall & Dan Fienberg review HBOs The Newsroom and The Comeback, and check in on ABCs Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Marvels Agents of SHIELD.

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