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Hellbound Alleee is an atheist/anarchist podcaster and host of Mondo Diablo, at http://mondodiablo.wordpress.com, a show of strange, wonderful, and inexcusable music.

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  1. Mondo Diablo Episode 377: Happy Yaksmas Day!

    As a secular society, we must strive to never be lax ub our language, and have a firm understanding of what we mean when we utter the dreaded phrase "Happy Holidays," Bill O'Reiily thought he had a Checkmate, Atheists moment when he gleefully pointed out that there are no holidays until Christmas. We poor, poor atheists would therefore be fools to use this greeting. To say the word Christmas should sting like a thousand bees upon our tongues! Well, fear not, oh Godless ones, for there is another sacred day. And that day is Solstice, you dumbass, O'Reilly. Oh and then there's…

    —Huffduffed by HellboundAlleee

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