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  1. Marco Arment on the iPad

    Marco Arment is “the guy who does everything for Instapaper.” Marco talks about the very practical and personal, origins of Instapaper, arguably one of the most useful apps for the Mac, the iPhone, and yes, very soon, the iPad. Marco reveals his unusual method of beta-testing, explains why graphics aren’t included in Instapaper-processed articles, and what drove his feature set and pricing decisions for the two versions of the program. He also discusses his iPad expectations, and why he thinks it will be important to have an iPad-native version of Instapaper available as soon as possible.

    From http://www.macvoices.com/wordpress/macvoices-1070-developer-marco-arment-discusses-the-instapaper-family-of-solutions-for-mac-iphone-and-ipad/

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