Storytelling: How narratives shape our reality, ideas and behaviour

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  1. Storytelling: How narratives shape our reality, ideas and behaviour

    Christian Salmon unveils the mechanics of a ‘storytelling machine’ which dominates the discourses of consumption, citizenship, and society at large.

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  2. Episode 20: Thomas Grip & JT Petty | Script Lock

    Thomas and JT join us to discuss the Four Layers of Narrative Design, mistaking plot for story, how controllers affect the narrative, goals of storytelling, VR skepticism, the relation between narrative systems and emotional impact, Silent Hill, what a lack of combat can do for you, the lessons developers can learn from horror, and much more!

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  3. Salmon Fodder | We Have Concerns

    Humans controlling waterways by building dams has caused major problems for salmon, who must return to fresh water to breed. But a new company - Whooshh Innovations (not making that up) - has developed a better way to help salmon get upstream: a giant salmon cannon.

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  4. SalmonAndDuskOutOfThePictureChapter4/2-04SalmonAndDusk2_OutOfThePictureChapter4

    SALMON & DUSK: Out of the Picture, Chapter 4

    OotP Chapter 4 pic

    Joe’s exhibition opens, but is Gray making secret plans of his own? Is Joe strong enough to stop him? And just what did happen to Theo Cartwright?


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  5. SALMON & DUSK: Out of the Picture, Chapter 3

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  6. SALMON & DUSK: Out of the Picture, Chapter 2

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  7. How The Desperate Norwegian Salmon Industry Created A Sushi Staple : NPR

    Salmon is a staple of sushi now, but it used to be unheard of in Japan to eat raw salmon. The story of how Norway convinced Japan to love salmon sushi.

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  8. How Fisherman Are Faring In Washington Months After Salmon Spill : NPR

    Last summer, more than 100,000 farmed Atlantic salmon spilled into Puget Sound off the coast of Washington, threatening the wild salmon population. Local fishermen scrambled to catch them all. NPR’s Ari Shapiro speaks with fishermen Riley Starks about what’s happened since.

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  9. Episode 651: The Salmon Taboo : Planet Money : NPR

    Today on the show: How hard could it be to get a nation of sushi lovers to try raw salmon?

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  10. Cognitive Edge Network

    Why narrative is not about Story Telling Thirty minutes (all that was allowed) focused on cognitive aspects and narrative using SenseMaker® 101 More depth in the workshop at the end of the conference and a search on “State of the Net 2014” + Snowden will give a longer presentation on the same subject

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