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  1. Lecture: How Quantum Biology Will Change Your Life Forever (Part 1 of 2)

    Molde, Norway- I gave a lecture on Quantum Biology to a group of friends and colleagues of a good friend in a small town in Norway, where the people are open minded and interested in optimizing health. A few of them are professional soccer players in Norway’s top league.

    I cover Quantum Biology pretty thoroughly.

    Please share this information if you find it valuable.

    CORRECTION: 1:08:00 : This was not a king, but skeletons discovered on the island of 3 different men who were over 7 feet tall. here are newspaper excerpts of the discovery.

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  2. The Light Diet by Matthew Maruca

    The Light Diet is the process by which we reverse modern disconnects that cause mitochondrial disease to achieve optimal health.

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  3. The 5G EMF Apocalypse And Why Health Food Won’t Save You With Dr. Jack Kruse #191

    Nature doesn’t make mistakes – but people sure do.

    So today, we welcome back a listener favorite, Dr. Jack Kruse, to discuss what is quite possibly one of the biggest mistakes that humans have made in a long time: the wide-scale implementation of 5G.

    Dr. Kruse’s work all comes back to the idea that light, water, and magnetism are the forces of nature that make things work – and when we screw around with those things, it can seriously affect our health and the world around us.

    At one point in time, technology was an oasis that protected the human race from the dangers of the environment and allowed us to progress. But now we’ve abused it. Our environment is so inundated with technology, especially in big cities, that nature has become the oasis in which we can protect ourselves from the dangers of our environment.

    Up until now, we could protect ourselves or rejuvenate our health, to a certain extent, by living a healthy lifestyle and minimizing the crap we put into our bodies. But Jack believes that 5G is the turning point, and there’s little to nothing you can do to protect yourself from these frequencies without getting the heck away from them… if we can. Topics Discussed In This Episode:

    Jack’s exciting new venture that’s 10 years in the making: the Kruse Longevity Center Why over s…

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  4. What Time Of Day Can You Eat A “Cheat Meal”, How Cold Can Make You Unstoppable, Lies We’ve Been Led

    Listen to the full episode here

    This episode is all about light, but it’s certainly not light on content! See, the last time I was in Malibu, myself, music producer Rick Rubin and today’s guest - Matt Maruca of RA Optics - spent plenty of time geeking out on all things light. I’ve known Matt for two years now, and consider him to be one of the world’s leading authorities on what is called "photobiomodulation" - or the use of specific wavelengths of light therapy to cause some very beneficial health effects, and also a guy who knows more about blue-light blocking glasses and limiting the harmful effects of artificial light than just about anyone I know. Today’s episode is a special two-parter. The first section is yours truly filling you in on how sunlight makes you skinny and blue light makes you fat. The second part is a special solosode from Matt, in which he fills you in on the some little-known aspects of how to use light and how to block light in a way that will affect your energy, sleep, mitochondrial health, and much more, including history of the use of sunlight for health, why the sun and skin cancer isn’t black and white, lots of research on how light affects human biology and the benefits of sunlight, how artificial light affects the body and…

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  5. Symposium: Blood flow restricted exercise in rehabilitation

    Symposium: Blood flow restricted exercise in rehabilitation As. Prof. Jeremy Loenneke

    Prof. Per Aagaard

    Dr. Hans Christian Heitkamp

    Chair: As. Prof. Thomas Bandholm & Prof. Per Aagaard

    Sports Medicine Congress 2017. Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel - 02-04 February 2017. Follow the conference at twitter @sportskongres or #sportskongres

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  6. KAATSU Physician Introduction

    Kaatsu Introduction for Phisician

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  7. Matthew Walker: “Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams” | Talks at Google

    Professor Matthew Walker, Director of UC Berkeley’s Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab discusses the latest discoveries about sleep and how it impacts our life, wellness, and lifespan.

    Get the book here:

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  8. Can Eating Regenerative Meat Help Reverse Climate Change?

    Soil is the most important answer to climate change, and also one of the most underappreciated. Without soil, we have no food, and I don’t think I need to elaborate on how catastrophic that would be. The positive news is that we can work on our soil integrity right now to preserve it for many future generations to come—you might be surprised that using regeneratively raised cattle is part of that solution. There is still hope for our children and grandchildren to inherit a balanced and beautiful planet with abundant food production.

    Because we rely on soil for food production, big companies are starting to pay attention to the work that needs to be done to preserve it. My guest on this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, Tom Newmark, is helping them understand what they can do and how to get involved in saving our soils. Tom was CEO of the dietary supplement brand New Chapter, which was acquired by Proctor & Gamble about seven years ago. Since that time Tom has focused on environmental activism with specific attention on regenerative agriculture. He is the co-owner of Finca Luna Nueva Lodge, an organic and biodynamic farm and ecolodge in the mountainous rainforest of Costa Rica that teaches regenerative agriculture. Tom is the co-founder and board chair of The Carbon Underground, co-founder…

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  9. How To Quit Coffee Without Headaches | Method & Benefits

    The tools I used to wean off of caffeine: Caffeine Blues book - French press - Teeccino herbal coffee -

    Have you been wondering how to quit coffee without headaches and other withdrawal symptoms? In this video, I explain my experience going a full month with zero caffeine (not even decaf) and how I was able to wean off caffeine without the side effects.

    I explain the method for quitting caffeine in detail, plus I outline my experience without caffeine and talk about the pros and cons. The advice in this video is geared towards coffee specifically, but it can be applied to any beverage containing caffeine.

    A lot of people assume that caffeine gives you energy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It actually saps you of energy and gives you STRESS instead by taxing your adrenal hormones and creating more epinephrine and norepinephrine. I explain all this plus more in the video.

    Do you think you suffer from caffeine addiction like I did? If so, try the advice in this video. I think you’ll be surprised how much it helps with weaning off caffeine without the pain and suffering.

    And don’t forget to leave a comment below and let me know about your relationship with caffeine and whether or not you’re planning …

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  10. Boost Performance, Prevent Injuries, & Upgrade Your Movement Diet - With Dr. Kelly Starrett

    Visit to subscribe for free updates, new episodes and much more.

    On this episode you will learn:

    • Why you generally don’t see wild animals pulling a hammy.
    • How we tend identify the best athlete in the room.
    • Why movement is skill-based.
    • Why humans are extraordinary at compensation.
    • What posture really means.
    • What the central governor is.
    • Where the word mobility comes from and what it entails.
    • Why practice does NOT make perfect.
    • What it means to have a physical practice.
    • How changes in your environment can sensitize your tissues.
    • Predictive lifestyle factors for increased risk of injury.
    • Why competitive sports can teach you valuable lessons about yourself.
    • What SI joint issues can indicate (and how to address it).
    • Why your brain protects your spine so ruthlessly.
    • What your movement diet is.
    • What mechanotransduction is.
    • The minimum effective dose of therapeutic walking you need to target each day.
    • Movement tips that will enable you to reduce the amount of time you have to “warm up”.
    • The best time to party and eat ice cream (this is an incredible insight!).
    • A checklist of fundamental skills you should be able to perform as a human.
    • How to avoid having tech neck in our technology-based society.

    Items mentioned in this episode …

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