108 Times OM Mantra Chanting | 432Hz Singing Bowl | 30 Minutes Deep Yoga & Meditation Music

In this 30 minutes composition, the OM Mantra is chanted 108 times, accompanied by the healing vibration of a 432Hz frequency crystal singing bowl and surrounded by meditative music. This meditation was written and performed with Love to be at your side whenever you feel like 💛

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The 🕉 OM mantra (also called AUM mantra) is one of the most commonly chanted mantras and can be used for a wide variety of mantra meditations. OM mantra chanting drives away all worldly thoughts and removes any distraction while infusing new energy in your body. Chanting the OM mantra can also help you break loose the constraints that you have imposed upon yourself. The constraints that hinder yourself to listen to your inner wisdom and prevent you from using that wisdom to chart the best course for a life of purpose and passion.

As for 108, the individual numbers 1, 0, and 8 represent one thing, nothing, and everything (infinity). 108 represents the ultimate reality of the universe as being simultaneously one, emptiness, and infinite. Renowned mathematicians of Vedic culture viewed 1…

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