How High Cholesterol Can Be Healthy on Keto with Dave Feldman

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"I ate over 450 grams of fat and I watched my cholesterol levels DROP!"…

That’s the topic of today’s Body Mind Empowerment Podcast with Siim Land. Our guest is Dave Feldman who’s an engineer, a citizen scientist, and a cholesterol researcher.

Timestamps: What is the Role of Cholesterol - 04:18 Does Cholesterol Clog Your Arteries - 08:17 Difference Between LDL and HDL Cholesterol - 11:50 What Is Remnant Cholesterol - 15:02 Why Your Cholesterol Can Go Up on a Ketogenic Diet - 20:00 What is the Feldman Protocol - 25:08 Are You a Lean Mass Hyper Responder - 46:20 Why Doctors Are Afraid of Cholesterol Still - 57:00

The Cholesterol Myth:

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