“Designing Intrinsic Layouts” by Jen Simmons—An Event Apart video

Twenty-five years after the web began, we finally have a real toolkit for creating layouts. Combining CSS Grid, Flexbox, Multicolumn, Flow layout and Writing Modes gives us the technical ability to build layouts today without the horrible hacks and compromises of the past. But what does this mean for our design medium? How might we better leverage the art of graphic design? How will we create something practical, usable, and realistically doable? In this hour-long talk captured live at An Event Apart DC 2019 (aneventapart.com/event/washington-dc-2019), Jen Simmons (aneventapart.com/speakers/jen-simmons) walks you through the thinking process of creating accessible & reusable page and component layouts. Enjoy all the presentations in An Event Apart’s video library (aneventapart.com/news/videos)! There are over 60 hours of great talks for you to enjoy and learn from—all absolutely free! For more insightful presentations by the industry’s best and brightest, come to An Event Apart (aneventapart.com/)—three days of design, code, and content for web and product designers. And for free regular updates on all things web, design, and developer-y, subscribe to our mailing list (aneventapart.com/subscribe).

Original video: https://vimeo.com/380795929
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