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  1. Boagworld S02E07 - Real Life Responsive Design: Ethan Marcotte

    We have all read articles on responsive design. However, when you put theory into practice things are never as simple as they first appear. Fortunately you can always ask Ethan Marcotte for help!

    More info and transcript: http://boagworld.com/season/2/episode/s2e7/

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  2. Design Festival Podcast #15: Web Accessibility with Dennis Lembrée

    I catch up with Design Festival author Dennis Lembrée this week to chat about web accessibility, podcasting, and an accessible Twitter front-​​end he wrote called EasyChirp.

    More info: http://designfestival.com/design-festival-podcast-15-web-accessibility-with-dennis-lembree/

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  3. Boagworld - A Different Way To Run Your Web Design Business

    Dan James from Silver Orange talks about their unique approach to working with clients and running their web design agency.

    More info and transcript: http://boagworld.com/bites/a-different-way/

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  4. Defining your audience and their tasks « Boagworld

    A podcast for those who design, develop and run websites.


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  5. Design Festival Podcast #6 — Typography with Jon Tan

    Presenters Simon Pascal Klein (@klepas) Guest: 陳 Jon Tan (@jontangerine)

    Content Rundown Typography… a shared passion Current state of typography on the web (excluding webfonts) — “Typography is not just picking a ‘cool’ font”, CSS2.1, CSS3, and doing lots with the basics Webfonts & the tech side of things Extending beyond the desktop: mobile, and testing mobile typography for the BBC A hosting & licensing service: Fontdeck (the what, how, who) Awesome stuff in the pipe: Mapalong & Brooklyn Beta Recommendation of the week

    Recommendations Jon: The New Typography by Jan Tschichold, The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst, and Detail in Typography by Jost Hochuli (all highly endorsed, and worth sniffing…).

    More info and transcript: http://designfestival.com/design-festival-podcast-6-typography-with-jon-tan/

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  6. Laying the ground work « Boagworld

    Before you can create an effective website you need to know what you are trying to achieve, how you are going to measure success and what you want from users

    More info: http://boagworld.com/season/2/episode/s2e1/

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  7. The Pipeline #24: Tina Roth Eisenberg | 5by5

    Dan Benjamin talks with Tina Roth Eisenberg, creator of swissmiss, founder of Creative Mornings and TeuxDeux. They discuss design, creativity, inspiration, honesty, celebrity, the evolution of ideas into a websites and web applications, and more.


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  8. Pipeline Episode 12: Liz Danzico

    Dan Benjamin interview Liz Danzico, a designer, educator, editor, and an independent information architecture and user experience consultant. Liz has worked with companies like Barnes & Noble, Happy Cog, Razorfish, and more. She worked with Boxes and Arrows as editor-in-chief for nearly seven years, and was director of experience strategy for AIGA.

    Dan and Liz discuss design, curating, the importance of user experience, writing for the web, inspiration, the future of the web and social networks, and where we’re headed as an online community.


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  9. Luke Wroblewski, The Want Interview

    Our talk with the former Chief Design Architect at Yahoo! covers his new book, Web Form Design, and includes advice on how to explain the importance of web form design to the folks in the corner offices. We talk about the digitization of objects and how removing obstacles makes a product more desirable.


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  10. Christian Heilmann: Giving technology to the world

    "One of the things I love about my company is that you are perfectly allowed in Yahoo to give “Fire and Brimstone” talks to rally your colleagues. It is a very open company and if you can back up criticism with proof and offer solutions people are happy to listen to you.

    Last Thursday I took the opportunity of being in the Silicon Valley to give a talk about giving technology to the world, pointing out mistakes we made in explaining our services and APIs, what works well and how some competitors do a great job at explaining complex technology in an easy to understand fashion.

    It was a great opportunity to explain the concepts of developer evangelism to an internal audience who hadn’t yet read anything about the matter of seeing developers as an audience."

    Blog post:http://www.wait-till-i.com/2010/02/05/giving-technology-to-the-world-a-talk-about-writing-good-code-examples/

    Slides in Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/cheilmann/giving-tech-to-the-world

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