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  1. Oooh, That’s Clever! (Unnatural Experiments in Web Design)

    Interesting. From Clearleft’s Paul Annet

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  2. Kermode Vs Simpson on Terminator Salvation

    Mash up of Mark Kermode and Jeff Simpson’s wildly differing views on T4 Salvation.

    From Adam and Joe’s podcast.

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  3. Design with Intent: How designers can influence behaviour

    Whatever we design - products, services, environments, systems - we have an opportunity to influence user behaviour. Bringing together ideas from different disciplines, ‘Design with Intent’ aims to give designers a way of addressing areas where influencing behaviour would provide benefits for users and for society in general - particularly, reducing the environmental impacts of product use. Slides available here:

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  4. New English Democrat Mayor of Doncaster walks out of BBC interview


    "Today is Doncaster’s brand-spanking-new Mayor’s first day on the job, and his first engagement of the day was an interview with BBC Radio Sheffield’s Toby Foster. I hope Mayor Davies didn’t think he was in for an easy ride for his first official interview, because that’s not what he got.

    Over the course of seven and a half minutes, Toby Foster took Mr Davies’ election manifesto and pulled it apart, pointing out that he doesn’t know what ‘PC jobs’ there are in the council (Mr Davies’ reply being “the things that are usually advertised in the […] Guardian”), that he can’t cut translation services for non-English speakers (Toby Foster: “It’s more than likely illegal, isn’t it?”. Peter Davies: “I dunno”), and that he hasn’t even though of the possible benefits of funding minority events such as the Gay Pride march (when asked how much money went to funding it, he replies “Haven’t got a clue, I haven’t looked into… I haven’t got the details”). On top of this, he admits that his cuts will mean job losses - which I’m sure the electorate of Doncaster will be happy to hear."

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  5. From Pixels to Plastic

    As a point of departure, Matt Webb introduces us to the concept of Generation C, a generation not defined by age but by a mindset shaped by the internet. People in Generation C are connected in communities, are creatively involved, and like to control their surroundings.

    Designing products that appeal to Generation C involves looking at the experience that products produce and treating experience as a design surface on which to work. Using entertaining examples, Matt illustrates the colors in the experience pallet. He discusses the enjoyment we get out of watching familiar things happen, why we like to work with semi-autonomous things, and the pleasure we get from conceiving complex activities as a single object.

    This design philosophy tends to blur the boundaries between hardware, software, and the Web. Concepts like desktop widgets can be abstracted to new products that transcend the computer desktop. Pixels can become plastic.


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  6. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar Theme

    Devil’s Gallop with Robert Webb singing over the top.

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  7. Christian Bale goes ape at a lights guy - NSFW

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  8. Adam and Joe discuss eggcorns

    Featured in the grammarblog article on the same topic.

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  9. Guardian Tech Podcast: Israel-Gaza on the Web and the new tech CEOs

    The conflict spilled onto the web - we find how social networking was used in the conflict as well as what the new CEOs at Yahoo and Apple have to look forward to.

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  10. Take it away, Les: Hardeep Singh Kohli terminates BBC radio interview

    Is this the worst radio interview ever? It’s writer and broadcaster Hardeep Singh Kohli being interviewed about his new book, Indian Takeaway, on the Les Ross show on BBC WM.

    Partridgesque, car crash radio as reported here

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