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  1. GBA 315 Andy Goddard

    In GBA 315 we get better acquainted with Andy. Since Andy works in very similar areas of audio to me, but has a very different approach to how he works, this is a compare and contrast conversation where we talk about why bassists might have an affinity for radio production, making radio and podcast comedy and drama, working with a foot in independent audio and a foot within the mainstream radio world, what it’s like when you’re locked in the audio cave and whether we are pond-skaters, water-boatmen or ducks!

    Andy plugs:

    Wooden Overcoats: Miniaturists Podcast(launching 16th November): The Night: (next date 6th November): Cleanse at The Vault Festival (not yet announced):

    I plug:

    The Family Tree:

    Down to a sunless sea: memories of my dad:

    What About the Men? Mansplaining Masculinity:

    We mention:

    Schnoodle: https:/…

    Original video:
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  2. A Nerd of Advice - Episode 6 - Mansplaining

    See, a PODCAST is a digital FILE you can download on your COMPUTER… oh, you ladies wouldn’t understand.

    Episode 6 is about mansplaining, and our guest is the talented Tom McHenry.

    Relevant links:

    "I Need More Evidence," and other things that probably make you a mansplainer

    Sady Doyle’s wonderful piece on a mansplaining George R. R. Martin fan

    A handy graphic you could print out and hang by your computer

    Unpacking the invisible backpack


    for the repost, everyone. We have our permanent hosting in place now,

    and want our new listeners to be able to download the archive. This

    should be a one-time issue. Thanks for your patience!]

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  3. Episode 10: There’s An Old Guy Going Crazy On This Hotdog | Top Scallops

    Merlin and Alex discuss Top Chef’s mythic qualities, secrecy around rules of the show, and their cats. Max is away at Hot Dog University.

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  4. Derek Sivers INTERVIEW: Practical Personal Development

    Derek Sivers: with Alex Shalman about success and focus

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  5. Derek Sivers INTERVIEW: New Man with Tripp Lanier

    Derek Sivers: Capitalism with Heart and The Tao of Business


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  6. Derek Sivers INTERVIEW: Meet Innovators

    Derek Sivers: business talk about automating then selling my company, and what to do afterwards


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  7. Derek Sivers INTERVIEW: Actual Insights

    Derek Sivers: Matthew Niederberger in Rotterdam Netherlands asks me about selling CD Baby, being nomadic, and the dancing guy

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  8. Derek Sivers INTERVIEW: Ronnie Overgoor at Emerce Eday

    Derek Sivers: Must see. Watch the video. Maybe my funniest interview. We have a great irreverent banter.


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  9. Derek Sivers INTERVIEW: TechZing podcast

    Derek Sivers: Talk with Justin Vincent and Jason Roberts about running CD Baby remotely, programming myself, stories, transparency, and minimalism.

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  10. Derek Sivers INTERVIEW: Art of Charm

    Derek Sivers: Why being a good follower might be more important than being a good leader, learning from the best, and the value of experiential learning versus theory.


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