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  1. ‘Orange Is The New Black’ In Federal Women’s Prison : NPR

    Piper Kerman was bored with her middle class life — so she joined a group of artists-turned-drug smugglers. Her memoir, Orange Is The New Black: My Year In A Women's Prison, recounts her exotic life in the drug trade, her attempt to leave it behind, and her experience serving time with other women from all walks of life.


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  2. Hard To Watch ‘12 Years A Slave’? Try Editing It : NPR

    NPR's Neda Ulaby talks with the director and film editor about the "jigsaw puzzle" job of assembling the acclaimed fact-based drama about a free black man kidnapped and sold into slavery in the pre-Civil War South.


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  3. Want Perfect Pitch? You Might Be Able To Pop A Pill For That : NPR

    The ability to identify musical notes by ear is usually thought to be something developed early in life. Now a Harvard study says a drug normally used as a mood stabilizer might allow adults with no musical experience to learn perfect pitch.


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  4. An FBI Hostage Negotiator Buys a Car

    The fiscal cliff, for all its grand theater, really comes down to people in a room trying to come to an agreement. People doing whatever it takes to get what they want from the other side.

    On today's show, three professional negotiators walk us through techniques that members of Congress may be using right now. They explain these techniques not with textbooks, but with examples from their everyday lives.

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