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  1. paulo72 / Paul

    Designer and Maker of digital things.

  2. Indyplanets / Jason Weaver

    Web & wine geek.

  3. martinpolley / Martin Polley

    Interaction designer masquerading as a technical writer. Dad. Husband. Etc. Brit in Israel. Johnny T…

  4. stephanb / Stephan

  5. beautifulcode / Aaron

    Developer in Calgary, Canada. Interested in Ruby, Rails, JS, CSS, HTML, iPhone Dev, Startups, Soft…

  6. rbtl / Read Between The Leading

    Read Between The Leading with Matt McInerney and Aaron Heth

  7. fordie / Mark Ford

  8. Clampants / Tim Lynch

    Adjunct professor of theoretical linguistics from an imaginary university in a run down warehouse so…