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  1. RSA Design & Society - Playing the City

    Kevin Slavin, urban consultant and co-founder of New York computer games studio Area/Code presents a powerful argument for games as social systems with people at the centre; for the “software” of cities as what runs on the “hardware” of buildings and streets; for an “urban sport” that can educate behaviour by leaking from computers into the social world; and above all, for designers today to build the systems that will propagate and feed us, not the things we will consume.

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  2. Materialising and Dematerialising A Web of Data. (Or What We’ve Learned From Printing The Internet Out)

    What's happening now is that the web of data wants to escape the screen, it wants to materialise into the real world, it wants to get physical, become objects. And that the next exciting stuff is going to be about designing data that can live on the screen, in devices, on paper, as things, wherever.

    So that's what I’m hoping to talk about. About getting a little post-digital, about analogue friction, about printing to large industrial infrastructures, about unproducts and letter-boxes and rabbits. And there’ll be jokes and silly videos too.


    Russell was born in Derby, enjoyed an uneventful childhood, did college, all that. After failing as a popstar and a joke writer he ended up in advertising and tried to do ‘interactive marketing’ way before anyone was interested. Ended up at Wieden + Kennedy working on clients like Microsoft, Nike and Honda. Then he went to work for Nike as Global Consumer Planning Director.

    He went freelance in 2006 and works with shadowy organisations like the Open Intelligence Agency and the Really Interesting Group. He also writes eggbaconchipsandbeans occasionally organises ‘Interesting’ conferences, plays with things like speechification, dawdlr and slowpoke and does columns for Campaign magazine and Wired UK.

    If asked what he actually does all day, he’ll normally mutter something about ‘post-digital’.

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