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I am a pediatric otolaryngologist in clinical practice and I do research about half the time. I love data and the truth and automation.

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  1. ‘Black Swan’ author Nassim Taleb on warnings over systemic risks from global pandemics

    Nassim Taleb, Universa Investment’s scientific advisor and distinguished professor of risk engineering at NYU, warned of an acute virus spreading throughout the planet in his 2007 book "The Black Swan." In January, he also warned of the systemic risks of the coronavirus pandemic. He joins "Squawk Box" to discuss.

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  2. Peter Hitchens: Hysterical reaction to Covid19 & public support of lockdown is scary & dangerous

    This week on #SWYSI, Peter Hitchens attacks the UK government’s Coronavirus lockdown policy ("the Great Panic") and explains why its enthusiastic embrace by the British public disturbs him greatly. From the outset, Hitchens maintained that restricting civil liberties, locking down a healthy population, and stalling a healthy economy are very dangerous — and reckless — activities that risk irreparable harm to individuals, society and the nation. Indeed, he argues that they are a threat to our very way of life.

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  3. Yuval Noah Harari on COVID-19’s Impact on Humankind

    James Corden connects with historian, philosopher and author Yuval Noah Harari for a video chat and the two talk about the potential society-shifting impact of COVID-19 on an international, national and institutional level. And Yuval describes why humankind must be vigilant of how technology could ultimately strip everyone of any form of privacy.

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  4. Prof. Richard Wolff on Pandemic Economics

    #TheZeroHour #Coronavirus #StayAtHome

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    Some of the music bumpers featuring Lettuce, http://lettucefunk.com.

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  5. How to Find a Purpose and the Psychology of the Daemon

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    In this video we examine how to find a life purpose, and we conduct a psychological analysis of the often reported experience with the daemon.

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  6. New Rule: Let It Go | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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    In his final New Rule of the season, Bill Maher calls on Americans to put aside their political differences.

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  7. ADL International Leadership Award Presented to Sacha Baron Cohen at Never Is Now 2019

    Sacha Baron Cohen is the well-deserved recipient of ADL’s International Leadership Award, which goes to exceptional individuals who combine professional success with a profound personal commitment to community involvement and to crossing borders and barriers with a message of diversity and equal opportunity.

    Over 100 years ago Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis wrote: “Sunlight is said to be the best disinfectant.” Through his alter egos, many of whom represent anti-Semites, racists and neo-Nazis, Baron Cohen shines a piercing light on people’s ignorance and biases.


    copyright © 2019 ADL

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