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We spoke to Joey, better known as the Anime Man on YouTube. He is one of the top Anime review YouTubers and has been introducing Japanese subcultures to a wide international audience for many years now. How did he manage to make his hobby into a profession and what’s it like living as a half-Japanese in Japan? This is a conversation with The Anime Man.

0:00 - Intro 1:39 - Personal background 4:11 - Learning Japanese as a child 6:48 - Being a mixed child in an Australian school 10:30 - Birth story of the Anime Man YouTube channel 16:05 - Moving to Japan 22:28 - Being a hafu in Japan 30:09 - Dating and cheating in Japan 39:29 - Suppressing individuality in Japan 45:20 - Making a living off YouTube 50:58 - YouTube struggles 55:31 - Ultimate goal as a content creator 57:22 - Friendship with PewDiePie 1:01:10 - Advice for young people who want to follow their passion

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