The Final Straw 2013/09/01: When THE MAN knocks, health in the coal fields of West Virginia & METAL/PUNK!

This week’s show features two interviews. The first is a conversation is with Mark of Croatan Earth First! about the recent visits by JTTF/FBI to anti-fracking activists on the East Coast, climate-change activists on the West Coast and and GJ-targetted Anarchist communities in NYC.

The second conversation takes place between our friend, Wren Awry ( and Dustin Steele about Dustin’s work with the Beards Fork Health Survey ( to gather information on the health effects of surface mining in West Virginia with an eye toward mutual aid.

The last half of the show features new songs from Bellicose Minds (PDX), Anniversary (D.C.), Wiccans (Denton, TX), Criminal Damage (PDX)… and more!