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  1. ‘What Big Tech does to discourse, and the forgotten tech tool that can make tech less big’

    The Oxford Internet Institute presents a conversation with Cory Doctorow, blogger, journalist, and science fiction author. Hosted by Ravi Naik, Solicitor and co-founder the data rights agency, AWO and Visiting Policy Fellow at the OII.

    It’s uncontroversial to say that our discourse is polarized, angry and unproductive – and to say that Big Tech is to blame. But what is Big Tech’s role in distorting discourse? Is it the use of machine learning and surveillance data to manipulate people at scale? Or is it just plain old monopolism, dressed up in a bunch of AI snakeoil repurposed from the ad-tech industry’s self-serving brags about how good it is at convincing people?

    The answer matters, because machine-learning mind-control rays are an existential threat to human agency, while monopolies can be dismantled using competition law — and what’s more, there’s a tried-and-true competition tactics that is uniquely suited to dismantling tech monopolies. Adversarial interoperability turns tech’s market power on its head, allowing new market entrants to use incumbents’ own scale against them.

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  2. Movement Generation’s Course Correction : Session #1 // Cambio Del Rumbo : Sesión #1

    Session 1 of 4 of MG’s “Course Correction: Just Transition In The Age of COVID-19”. // "Cambio Del Rumbo: Una Transición Justa En La Era Del COVID-19"

    May 19, 2020


    Session #1: How Did We Get Here? The Ecological Context for Pandemics

    Finance has become a chainsaw against the very web of life humans depend on. How did CoVid-19 emerge? Why now? What does it teach us about economy and ecology? Join Special Guest Leah Penniman (Soul Fire Farm) along with MG family Deseree Fontenot and Gopal Dayaneni facilitating a workshop (not a panel) on the root causes of the current global pandemic in the context of a just transition.

    Sesión #1: ¿Cómo pasó esto? El contexto ecológico de las pandemias

    El mundo de las finanzas se ha convertido en una motosierra que está destruyendo a la preciosa red de la vida en todo el planeta. ¿Cómo surgió COVID-19? ¿Porque surgió ahora? ¿Que nos quiere enseñar este virus sobre la economía actual y la ecología? Acompaña a nuestra invitada especial, Leah Penniman de Soul Fire Farm, con Deseree Fontenot y Gopal Dayaneni, miembrxs de Movement Generation, que dirigirán un taller sobre las causas estructurales de esta pandemia global, en el contexto de una transición justa.


    ASL Interpretation by: Nora Joy Rodriguez and Deb Taylor (Terps for Bay Area Resistance) Sp…

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnXCXNmkvoo
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  3. New Orleans Budget Breakdown: How is our money spent, and how can we change it?

    What would police divestment look like in New Orleans? Learn some budget basics like where our tax dollars come from and where they go, how to read the NOPD budget, and what other departments’ funding is critical when talking about a strategy to reinvest in our communities. We’ll also talk about what opportunities for engagement in the budget process look like and a timeline for plugging in to push for a budget that reflects New Orleanians’ needs. A community teach-in featuring Kelsey Foster, who was the campaign coordinator of the People’s Budget from 2013 - 2020. The People’s Budget collected budget data from the City of New Orleans from 2007 - 2019 and ran the Big Easy Budget Game, an online platform where residents could decide how to spend the City’s budget. 00:00 - Introductions 08:00 - Where the money comes from 11:30 - Where the money goes 13:02 - The NOPD budget 22:20 - Other important budgets 26:14 - People’s Budget Report 2018 31:30 - Get involved 35:31 - How to change the process 37:48 - Participatory budgeting 39:05 - Q&A 1:02:44 - Conclusion This community teach-in took place on Zoom on June 15, 2020.

    Original video: http://vimeo.com/429806222
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  4. The Masque of the Red Death | Cory Doctorow’s craphound.com

    Edgar Allen Poe wrote “The Masque of the Red Death” in 1842. It’s about a plutocrat who throws a masked ball in his walled abbey during a plague with the intention of cheating death.

    My novella “The Masque of the Red Death” is a tribute to Poe; it’s from my book Radicalized. It’s the story of a plute who brings his pals to his luxury bunker during civlizational collapse in the expectation of emerging once others have rebuilt.

    Naturally, they assume that when they do emerge, once their social inferiors have rebooted civilization, that their incredible finance-brains, their assault rifles, and their USBs full of BtC will allow them to command a harem and live a perpetual Frazetta-painting future.

    And naturally – for anyone who’s read Poe – it doesn’t work out for them. They discover that humanity has a shared microbial destiny and that you can’t shoot germs. That every catastrophe must be answered with solidarity, not selfishness, if it is to be survived.

    Like my story When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth, the Masque of the Red Death has been on a lot of people’s minds lately, especially since this Guardian story of plutes fleeing to their New Zealand luxury bunkers was published. Hundreds of you have sent me this.

    I got the message. Yesterday, I asked my agent to see if Macmillan Audio would let me publish the audiobook of my Masque of the Red Death for free. They said yes, and asked me to remind you that the audiobook of Radicalized (which includes Masque) is available for your delictation.

    I hope you’ll check out the whole book. Radicalized was named one of the @WSJ’s best books of 2019, and it’s a finalist for Canada Reads, the national book prize. It’s currently on every Canadian national bestseller list.

    There’s one hitch, though: Audible won’t sell it to you. They don’t sell ANY of my work, because I don’t allow DRM on it, because I believe that you should not have to lock my audiobooks to Amazon’s platform in order to enjoy them.

    Instead, you can buy the audio from sellers like libro.fm, Downpour.com, and Google Play. Or you can get it direct from me. No DRM, no license agreement. Just “you bought it, you own it.”

    And here’s the free Macmillan Audio edition of Masque of the Red Death, read with spine-chilling menace by the incredible Stefan Rudnicki, with a special intro from me, freshly mastered by John Taylor Williams. I hope it gives you some comfort.




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  5. Poverty is a tax on cognition / Boing Boing

    In an outstanding lecture at the London School of Economics, Macarthur "genius award" recipient Sendhil Mullainathan explains his research on the psychology of scarcity, a subject that he’s also written an excellent book about. Mullainathan begins by establishing the idea that your cognition is limited — you can only think about a limited number…


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