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  1. Changelog 114 RethinkDB

    Show notes:

    Get paid ($50) to write tutorials for DigitalOcean Slava Akhmechet (sakhmechet) on Twitter RethinkDB: An open-source distributed database built with love rethinkdb/rethinkdb on GitHub John D. Carmack (Programmer Hero)

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  2. NoRights Podcast: S2E40 – 3D Scanning

    This week Ben & Ian discuss 3D scanning and photogrammetry. Used in a wide variety of fields

    Entertainment and Arts Industrial Scientific Forensic Cultural / Historic Heritage Medical General Discussion on Point Clouds

    3D Scanner

    Point Cloud

    Point Cloud Guru

    Point Clouds.org

    Scanning Methods

    Mechanical Contact Probe Scanning

    Carriage Scanning Arm Scanning / Pen Scanning Coordinate Measuring Machine

    Coordinate Measuring Machine


    Pros – Older technology, but highly accurate, has a higher resolution.

    Cons – Scanning is very slow and tedious, and could damage the object being scanning, such as older and valuable historical objects.

    Useful for smaller objects, such as toys or figurines.

    Laser Scanning


    Arctec Portable Scanner

    David Laserscanner

    3D Scan with Virtucube and David Laserscanner David Laser Scanner offers DIY, low-cost 3D recording solution

    Pros – Fairly accurate, with high resolution.

    Cons – Scanning can be slow, depending on the desired resolution, and requires the subject to not move. Also multiple scans are required to construct and stitch together the whole model. Depending on the laser scanning method used, the shape is reconstructed, but without color information.

    Useful for small to medium sized objects, such as toys, figurines, dolls, faces.

    Structured Light Scanning

    Structured-light 3D Scanner

    Portable 3D Scanners: Handyscan 3D

    Using Projectors and a Camera

    Structured-light 3D Scanning

    Real Time 3D Scanning with Structured Light

    Real Time 3D Scanning How to Realtime 3D geometry video scanner


    New TV Camera turns reality into 3D, The F5 Mantis Vision





    KinectFusion Project Page

    RecontrsuctMe Kinect for Windows with PCL

    KinectFusion HQ

    Low-cost 3d Laser Scanner and fast Surface Registration

    Tutorial – ReconstructMe Multiscan

    Comparison of ReconstructMe, KinectFusion and Skanect

    Pros – The advantage of structured-light 3D scanners is speed and precision, and you can often capture the color information along with the model. Can be more precise than laser scanning. Also moving / animating objects can be captured in realtime.

    Cons – Multiple scans / viewpoints are needed to reconstruct the whole model, and each scan needs to be stitched together either manually, or automatically depending on the software used in reconstructing the point cloud data. Useful for medium to large sized objects, depending on the method used, such as faces, people, progressive scanners can capture environments.

    Photogrammetry Stereo(Multi-Image) Photogrammetry – Stereo Cameras – Multi-Camera Rigs – Image-Based Modeling – Reference Modeling – 3Sweep

    3D Reconstruction from Multiple Images

    The Importance of Camera Calibration

    Introduction to Photogrammetry



    [Photogrammetry] Autodesk 123d Catch – pt.1

    Sketchup Model Building

    How to Model for Google Earth using Google SketchUp

    Camera Rig for 123D Catch

    Turn Ordinary Photos Into Extraordinary 3D Models


    PhotoModeler Scanner



    3-Sweep: Extracting Editable Objects from a Single Photo, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2013

    Pros – Very good accuracy, especially with capturing color detail with the model, no special equipment needed for scanning, easy workflow.

    Cons – Process can be slow and require a large amount of images, using up disk space, multiple cameras gets expensive.

    Useful for a variety of object sizes.

    Photometric Stereo – Multiple Lighting Conditions – Shape From Shading – Form Recognition – Bump Mapping

    Photometric Stereo

    Photometry (optics)

    Making PTMs

    Virtual Reality, HDR, Photogrammetry at ICT

    Non-Rigid Photometric Stereo with Colored Lights

    3D Face Shots Snapped by Single Camera

    Crazy Bump

    Normal Map Photography



    Pros – High accuracy and detail and speed. Realtime capturing can also be possible from multiple angles.

    Cons – Also results in a large amount of images which are captured, Multiple angles need to be captured and stitched together.

    Useful for very small to medium sized objects, and also useful for capturing surface detail for bump mapping.

    Light Fields (Capturing the angle of light) – Lytro

    Light-field Camera


    Lytro Light Field Camera 8GB

    Turn any DSLR into a light field camera, for free

    Volumetric 3D and 4D Scanning

    CT Scanning MRI Scanning Ultrasound 3D and 4D

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