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  1. Retrocast 5 – Chill Out Why Don’t You?

    …here’s a selection of late 90s chill out & ambient tunes – indeed a number of my favourite tunes ever (Trans Fatty Acid) are in here, and there’s a fair few which are so well played now it might even be a pleasant surprise to hear them anew after a decade or so.

    1. Gus Gus – Why?
    2. Air – You make it easy
    3. Morcheeba – Over

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  2. The Search for a More Social Web [SxSW 2009]

    The Web is not just about information, it's about people. In this presentation, Facebook's Dave Morin will discuss the industry's efforts to move toward a more social Web, and how openness can create a better experience for users sharing and connecting across the Web.

    Dave Morin, Facebook Inc.

    From http://2009.sxsw.com/interactive/news/videos_and_podcasts

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  3. Even Faster Web Sites

    Steve is the author of High Performance Web Sites and the creator of YSlow, the Firebug extension. Now working at Google, Steve discusses the next set of best practices he's developed, including advanced techniques for loading JavaScript, where not to place inline scripts, and the importance of using multiple domains to improve web performance.

    Steve Souders, Google

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  4. Building Strong Online Communities | SXSW.com

    Many start blogs and social networking sites, but few build vibrant, self-sustaining communities. This panel explores some of the most successful ventures that grew independently and continue to grow today. Lessons learned, plans for the future will be discussed along with some best practices for those who seek to develop true communities.

    Ken Fisher Editor-in-Chief, Ars Technica

    Alexis Ohanian Prod Mgr of Awesome, reddit.com

    Drew Curtis The Member, Fark.com

    Erin Kotecki Vest BlogHer Inc

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  5. Help! My iPod Thinks I’m Emo!!!! | SXSW.com

    Music recommendation is broken - automatic music recommenders make mistakes that no human would ever make. In this talk, we will explore why recommenders make such dumb mistakes and we will explore some of the new ideas coming from recommendation and music researchers to help make music recommendations better.

    Paul Lamere Dir of Developer Community, The Echo Nest

    Anthony Volodkin The Hype Machine

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  6. The Future Of Social Networks | SXSW.com

    Social networks will be like air, in that they will permeate everything that we do online AND offline. We'll look at the underlying technologies that will make this possible, how it will evolve, and the business models that will support it.

    [Slides here: http://www.slideshare.net/charleneli/sxsw09-the-future-of-social-networks]

    Charlene Li, Altimeter Group

    From http://www.sxsw.com/node/1500

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