NMC Beyond the Horizon :: Digital Literacy

This event explores a pressing challenge for higher education institutions across the world: advancing digital literacy among students and faculty. As technology use is proliferating and becoming more ubiquitous in people’s daily lives, colleges and universities have become more adept at integrating it into every facet of campus life to enhance course design, course materials, and interactions between learners and educators. However, simply knowing how to use the tools does not solve the challenge. Education professionals must be able to tie the use of digital tools to progressive pedagogies and deeper learning outcomes to equip students with 21st century skills that help them flourish in college life and in their careers. Identifying and implementing effective frameworks is paramount, and a number of organizations and institutions are leading the way. Hear from an international panel of experts on their perspectives on digital literacy, the biggest challenges associated with advancing it, and recommendations for developing successful digital literacy initiatives.

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