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    Websites are no longer silos. There is an increasing need to connect various services together through their APIs. Solspace founder and developer Mitchell Kimbrough returns to the show to explain how he approaches requests for 3rd-party API integration. He shares what a good API looks like, emphasizes a discovery-first approach, goes through technical tips like his “crud” script to help test assumptions and troubleshoot, but most importantly, shares scenarios on how to navigate the human element when juggling management of different APIs through various gatekeepers.

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  2. Flexbox with Zoe Gillenwater

    Curious about flexbox? Web designer, developer and author Zoe Gillenwater says the flexible box model ranks high among what seasoned web developers should learn now. We discuss what the hype is about, how it differs from other layout methods, and where it’s best used. We also talk about the changing landscape of layout methods overall, and Zoe shares simple and complex use cases for flexbox.

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  3. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #130: Progressive Enhancement FTW with Aaron Gustafson

    Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest is web developer and long-time standards evangelist Aaron Gustafson (@AaronGustafson), author of Adaptive Web Design. The two web design and development veterans discuss web design then and now; why Flipboard’s 60fps web launch is anti-web and anti-user; Genesis’s "Land of Confusion" video, and other bad ideas from the 1980s; design versus art; the demise and sendoff of Web Standards Sherpa; how the web community differs from other creative communities; and the 2nd Edition of Aaron’s book, coming from New Riders this year.

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  4. SitePoint Podcast #168: Secret Src with Jeremy Keith

    Episode 168 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week our regular interview host Louis Simoneau (@rssaddict) interviews Jeremy Keith (@adactio) who now works at ClearLeft to talk about the developments in the Responsive Design world, and particularly the ongoing discussions on proposed image element solutions.

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  5. Style Guides with Jeremy Keith

    A collaborative collection of resources for creating Front-End Style Guides and Pattern Libraries.

    Jeremy is a Shepherd of Unknown Futures at Clearleft, based in Brighton in the UK. He’s the author of HTML5 for Web Designers and DOM Scripting, and he’s Salter Cane’s bouzouki player.

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  6. Understanding the Web with Jeremy Keith | The Web Ahead

    The web is being compared to "native" a lot these days, with some even declaring the web dead. But what are the strengths web? What does it do that native can’t touch? What is it we are making when we are creating something of the web? Jeremy Keith joins Jen Simmons to articulate how to understand and appreciate the web.

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  7. Jeremy Keith - Pencil vs Pixel

    “The key is sincerity.”

    In this interview, Jeremy Keith talks to us about his experience in public speaking, how he runs conferences, and much more. He gives us advice on how to stand out and how to create an influential voice. Jeremy Keith is a designer, developer, writer and speaker. He is co-founder of Clearleft, a design and development agency based out of Brighton, England. Jeremy is a web standards advocate and prominent figure in the web design community.

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