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⏰⏰TIMECODES ⏰⏰ 0:00 Is it too late to start YouTube? New stats you need to see… 3:45 Free YouTube growth challenge (Details Here) 4:47 How to Start and Grow a Successful YouTube Channel in 2021 5:42 Who is Sean Cannell? (The guy teaching in this video…) 9:33 My first video on YouTube… (LOL) 11:28 Tip One: Start Before You're Ready 13:10 Tip Two: Commit to the Journey 19:24 Four things successful YouTube creators do… 20:19 Tip Three: Start With the End in Mind 22:03 Ten Questions to Answer When Starting YouTube 40:00 How I made over $12,500 from ONE four year old YouTube video 45:19 The secret to winning on YouTube in 2021 46:39 Tip Four: Start with WHY 47:08 Three steps for STANDING OUT on YouTube in 2021 52:59 Lessons from my start on YouTube and the year my wife almost died… 1:02:09 Six words than have the power to grow your channel…

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