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  1. Dogg Zzone 9000 - Episode 108, Kumite The Home Game: Part 2 with Zak Koonce And Vanessa Guerrero

    Brockway recruits Seanbaby and guests Zak Koonce and Vanessa Guerrero into the nerdiest kumite: This is the movie Bloodsport but Dungeons and Dragons. This is episode 2. This is the one with "OK USA!" in it!

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/1900hotdog/dogg-zzone-9000-episode-108-kumite-the-home-game-part-2-with-zak-koonce-and-vanessa-guerrero/s-h49Jnkt87cg?si=2f9a5b14820046b38b54fdcc849f97c8
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  2. Dogg Zzone 9000 - Episode 100, Kumite the Home Game: Part 1

    It's our 100th episode! Celebrate the traditional way: With liberal and vigorous Bloodsporting. We're playing Kumite: The Home Game, which is Bloodsport as a D&D campaign! Brockway is the Bloodmaster, Vanessa Guerrero is the Ninja Liar, Zak Koonce is the Karate Shaman, and Seanbaby, just like in real life, is the Unstoppable Kick Machine.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/1900hotdog/dogg-zzone-9000-episode-100-kumite-the-home-game-part-1/s-a6rOrnArLq5?si=31866fc58f8f458bb95904c60e015f6f
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  3. Dogg Zzone 9000 - Episode 97, Kumite: The Home Game, with Zak Koonce And Vanessa Guerrero

    Bloodmaster Brockway invites Seanbaby, Zak Koonce, and Vanessa Guerrero to play Kumite: The Home Game. The ONLY all-audio Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign that is also the movie Bloodsport. This is the setup episode, where you'll meet, fall in love with, and have your heart spinkicked in half by your new favorite characters.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/1900hotdog/dogg-zzone-9000-episode-97-kumite-the-home-game-with-zak-koonce-and-vanessa-guerrero/s-QC50JpQKsuU?si=bd40fd1d31994de0bdb5adca664922cc
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  4. ED of ABB Monica Farrow on the Val Emmons Show | Americans for a Balanced Budget

    Congress is debating a plan to make long-term changes to Medicare that are important in putting our nation on a path to a balanced budget.

    These reforms put teeth into the means-testing provisions of Medicare and make the program more market-oriented.

    Former Director of the Congressional Budget Office Douglas Holtz-Eakin says these reforms can save billions of dollars in future years. The National Taxpayers Union has called this push a "bold first step toward entitlement reform."

    Learn more of Mr. Holtz-Eakin's analysis here.

    Call Congress at (202) 225-3121 and tell them to support long-term, structural changes to entitlements to save taxpayers money and prevent a tax increase.


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  5. Food Safety Talk 79: You’re Into Botulism Country (with Merlin Mann) — Food Safety Talk

    Merlin Mann joins Don and Ben for a discussion on food safety and cooking using science at home.The episode starts off with a discussion on sous vide and time/temperature combinations for pathogen reduction.The discussion goes to Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking and the science of cooking, sensory and how heat changes food quality and safety. The guys talk about ground meats risks compared to intact muscle meats and then deconstruct risk assessments with bullet analogies. The guys move into pork and trichinosis and how risks have changed but messages stay sticky.The show ends with a discussion on food safety myths, including confusing food safety and spoilage; storing butter on the counter and  ketchup in the refrigerator.They decided to leave an in-depth discussion of Sloan for another day.


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  6. 1: Finn, Jake, and the Necessity of Manuals

    On this first episode of Conversation Parade, hosts John Moe (hosts APM’s Wits) and Open Mike Eagle (L.A.-based art rapper) explore the relationship between Finn the Human and Jake the Dog and wonder whether we really need manuals in life. Plus, John talks with actor John DiMaggio, the voice of Jake the Dog, about what it’s like to record the show with his fellow actors and why he loves Lumpy Space Princess so much.


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  7. MaxFunCon: Merlin Mann on Doing Creative Work; The Sound of Young America | Maximum Fun

    He doesn't fully grasp what the seduction community is about, but there is truth in what he says.

    For example, the Mystery Method fully deserves to be crapped upon and one can empathize with Merlin even if one doesn't agree with him wholesale.

    He's an insightful guy, if you cut him some slack on this topic.

    The "community" can handle it, really.

    And let's be honest: most guys in the "community" are bumbling fools who don't understand the first thing about real self-improvement—even if there are exceptions.

    Anyway, Merlin's thesis remains valid.

    It doesn't require tearing down others; he just chose to dismantle his own (somewhat true) concept of the "community" to illustrate what to do better.

    That's what we should all be focusing on anyway: how can I do better?

    How can you?


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  8. Special 2: The Original Trilogy of Merlin Mann

    In August 2012, Brett interviewed Merlin Mann on the now-legendary 6th

    episode of Systematic. Thus was a trilogy born. From processes to pills and

    apps to naps, one of Systematic's signature returning-guest series was


    Using the latest in bleeding-edge digital technology, we have restored

    these episodes to the original creative vision that was literally,

    figuratively, and metaphysically impossible at the time.

    We've gone all the way back to the original masters, removing and modifying

    content (ads) that distracts from the auteur's intent. What results is a

    bespoke, artisanal product unlike any in the crowded Merlin Mann Podcast

    market today.

    This presentation of The Original Trilogy of Merlin Mann includes bonus,

    never-before-heard, ultra-exclusive deleted content, presented in the most

    ridiculous and semi-obtrusive way possible that does not involve a Blu-ray


    Special Thanks to George Lucas, the Fair Use Clause, The United States of

    America, and The Merlin Mann Trust.

    Artwork Sacrilege performed by Philip Mozolak


    —Huffduffed by DaveK

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