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  1. Slate’s Political Gabfest bonus segment: John Dickerson shares his life hacks.

    This week on the Political Gabfest Slate Plus bonus segment, host David Plotz interviews co-host John Dickerson about the best life hacks for work and trav


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  2. The Long Fuse - This American Life

    People tossing words out impulsively, and they ignite and burn for years.


    Prologue Host Ira Glass plays a strange voicemail left by a 96-year-old surgeon about a letter that was written five decades ago. (6 minutes)

    Act One Humor Is Not The Best Medicine ByLilly Sullivan Producer Lilly Sullivan reports out that voicemail. (13 minutes)

    Song:“They All Laughed” by Willie Nelson Act Two Babies Got Bank ByStephanie Foo On his deathbed, a wealthy man in Toronto decides to make some trouble. Hundreds of babies are involved. Stephanie Foo tells the story. (25 minutes)

    Act Three Meatball and Chain ByJared Marcelle Cyclist Mike Friedman said something to cyclist Ian Dille in the middle of a race that ate at both of them for years. Jared Marcelle tells the story. (12 minutes)

    Song:“Slow Burn” by David Bowie

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  3. Strength Running. Proper Running Form: The Interview

    Jeff Gaudette is a former professional distance runner for the Hansons who has qualified for the Olympic Trials in both the 10k and Marathon. He boasts personal bests of 28:46 (10k) and 2:22:02 (marathon).

    Now Jeff is the head coach at Runners Connect and creator of the Running Form Course. This 4-week program includes video lessons and guest lectures on running technique by top coaches and researchers like Daniel Lieberman, Jay Dicharry, Pete Larson, and Dr. Irene Davis.

    With that all-star lineup, I knew Jeff was the right person to finally sort through the hype and figure out the best way to run for YOU.

    So we got on the phone for nearly an hour and talked about mistakes, form cues, cadence, and more aspects of running form.


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  4. WWDC

    Six Colors members get to listen to @dmoren and @jsnell do a secret members-only podcast almost every week. This week's episode is live from WWDC and for one week, the secret is out! theincomparable.com/podcast/secret…

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  5. Smoke & Mirrors: Uncovering truths about human rights in Canada

    This special episode of Smoke & Mirrors features conversations with some of Canada's leading Black thinkers and activists including Desmond Cole, Robyn Maynard, and Dr. Afua Cooper. Lawyer and journalist Hadiya Roderique hosts the episode.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/clc-ctc/smoke-mirrors-uncovering-truths-about-human-rights-in-canada
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  6. Canadaland BONUS EPISODE: Glorious And Free?

    Just how glorious and free are we? Jesse is joined by a panel to discuss values and freedoms considered foundational to our country, and how they play out in everything from comment sections to Canada 150.

    The panel: Jesse Wente is an Ojibwe broadcaster, curator, public speaker, writer and activist currently based in Tkaronto. Desmond Cole is is an award winning freelance journalist, radio host and an activist in Toronto. Rachel Giese is an editor-at-large at Chatelaine and a regular contributor to CBC Radio.

    Thanks to PEN Canada for organizing this event.

    Producer's note: This was recorded at a live event and there are some issues with sound quality.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/canadaland/glorious-and-free
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