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  1. Marketing a Podcast & How to Get Started with Erik Fisher | Podbean

    Marketing a Podcast is key to growing your show’s visibility, like any product you’re bringing to market. Episode 40 explores how to market a podcast for beginners and those who have been doing it a while. How you market will vary depending on your niche, your success, your whatever… for sure many of us can do a better job at it! Even our guest with 22,000 downloads per episode (WHAT??) admits he can do a better job. 

    Our guest…

    Erik FisherErik’s been the Social Media Manager at Social Media Examiner for the last five years (boss to co-host Jen Cole!).ALSO - very important to the topic of this show — he’s been the Productivity Producer & Host of the Beyond The To-Do List podcast since 2012.

    We explore how Erik got stared, his journey, how he markets his podcast (or doesn’t), his suggestions for getting started, and more. Even if you have no interest in starting a podcast (which soooo many people have told us they are!), it’s worth a listen to explore how it all works. So many insights!

    Plus, per usual, you’ll have a laugh with us. Oh, and happy #InternationalPodcastersDay :)


    We are "Making a Marketer"… in all ways. Check out Episode 40. And we would love for you to subscribe, rate, & review us on iTunes — https://bit.ly/mamITuneNEW — & get each episode when it drops!

    ::: This episode is sponsored by Powers of Marketing - your communication should be strategic and POWERful :::


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  2. Gender Inclusive Dolls, Abortion and Hate Crimes – Striving For Eternity Ministries

    Andrew Rappaport’s Rapp Report 0091 Andrew covers a wide range of topics from Mattel’s gender-inclusive dolls, to abortion to the “ok” hand signal now being a hate signal. R…


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  3. Podcasting 101: Everything but the Content

    Want to dial your podcast up to 11? Whether you’re just starting or already at it, we’ll give you the know-how for optimal production, post, and distribution at any price or skill level — and how to power-up with video/streaming. By the end, we’ll improve everything except your topic. That’s on you. Led by Ben Ratner


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  4. The First 60 Seconds

    Workshop participants will share with the group the first 60 seconds of their most-recent podcast episode, and together we’ll offer thoughtful, constructive feedback about what grabbed us, or didn’t totally grab during that time. We’ll discuss elements like intro music, hooks and opening words, and how those can help you grab the attention of your listeners - and make them not want to let go. Led by Chris Tatem


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  5. DIY Sponsorships

    You don’t need an agent or 30,000 downloads to get sponsors for your podcast. Learn how to write a great pitch, set prices for your show, find potential sponsors, and incorporate ads into your episodes—the right way. Whether you’re an industry vet or an enthusiastic newcomer, a solo podcaster or part of a team, you’ll walk away with valuable information and a plan for your own sponsor outreach. Slideshow available at http://bit.ly/diysponsorships Moderator: Amanda McLoughlin Panelists: Mike Schubert, Krystina Rubino, Lindsay Shaw


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  6. Podcast Equipment, Recording, and Editing 101

    You have a great idea for your podcast; now all you have to do is make the darn thing. From equipment set-ups to tips and tricks for recording and editing sound, this workshop will be chock-full of information to get you going. Presented by: Nick Jenkins


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  7. Let’s Talk About Networks

    Podcast networks. They’re a thing. How do they work? What resources do they provide podcasters? These panelists have lots of experience in the world of networks; some have created their own networks, and some have joined them after starting out independently with their own podcasts. Come listen as these network veterans give you the inside scoop on the support networks provide and how they operate. Moderator: Myke Hurley Panelists: Roman Mars, Christy Gressman, Gaby Dunn, Joseph Fink, Justin McElroy


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  8. Everybody Has a Podcast

    Like…how do you stand out? Why make your thing when a dozen things like it already exist? How do you carve out your niche? How do you move past all the feelings of doubt to make a badass podcast? Panelists will talk about their experiences starting out, their thoughts on luck versus persistence in making something people pay attention to, and how your unique voice is the most important of all. YOU CAN DO IT! Moderator: Hank Green Panelists: Drew Ackerman, Franchesca Ramsey, John Green, Patrick Kondas, Casper ter Kuile


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  9. Brother, Can You Spare a Microphone? Your Library Is a Podcasting Hub!

    Your local library is here to help! Need technology? Find free mics, software, and sound booths—plus classes on how to use them. Delving deeply into esoteric topics? Access info you won’t find through Google. Ready for a live show? Partner with the library and get performance space and AV for free! Join a panel of librarians to learn how we can support you as you build the podcast of your dreams. Presented by: Samantha Mills (Librarian at the Vancouver Public Library; co-host of the S.S. Librarianship Podcast), Alli Sullivan (Librarian at Langara College; co-host of the S.S. Librarianship Podcast), Sarah Felkar (Digital Librarian at the West Vancouver Memorial Library)


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  10. Pod Legally: Legal Issues for Podcasters

    Presented by attorney/podcaster Patrick Kondas, this workshop covers tips for protecting your brand, avoiding copyright infringement, ensuring you get the most out of network contracts, and more. This workshop provides crucial insights for both new and veteran podcasters.


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