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  1. How To Read More (and Read Better)

    In this episode Mike flies solo, revealing his reading workflow. This workflow is how he’s able to stay productive and build a reading habit that allows him to read more…and read better.


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  2. The Contexts Conversation: Part One | The Productivityist Podcast

    After a lengthy thread on Twitter that debated what contexts were (and weren’t), Mike invites some of the participants to discuss their thoughts on contexts in more detail. For this first part in the two-part series, the guests are Sven Fechner and Kevin Rothermel.

    This episode is sponsored by Sanebox. Make email work for you with Sanebox.


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  3. Resting, Working, and Detoxing | The Weekly Briefly

    In our always-connected world, I think it’s getting more and more difficult to manage our work/life/digital boundaries.

    I think the answer is two-fold: (a) having a hobby or project or workflow that is non-digital; and (b) setting up boundaries for when we do and don’t stare at the screen.

    Resting and working with boundaries is, I think, a key component to living in the digital age. And I think this is so important because it’s a never-ending battle: The internet is never going to become less addicting; social networks are never going to be come less active; news and entertainment channels are never going to dial it down; and amazing and interesting things are going to continue to be created.


    “Digital Detox: Reboot or Die Trying” by David Roberts

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    Podcast: Download (Duration: 26:21 — 18.2MB)


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  4. 5by5 | The B&B Podcast #84: Tips and Tricks: Keyboard Maestro

    The B&B Podcast

    The B&B Podcast is a weekly technology talk show co-hosted by Ben Brooks and Shawn Blanc. Show topics include Apple, productivity, writing, software, iPhones and iPads, and the like.

    Hosted by Ben Brooks and Shawn Blanc.

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