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  1. Stranger Things Soundtrack - Main Theme (Extended)

    Interested in music like this? Check out this soundcloud playlist I’ve created! Lots of great synthwave/retrowave artists and songs to be heard and it is evolving rather regularly: https://soundcloud.com/killerkabob/sets/synthwave-1

    Other info about this track and other synthwave/retrowave related stuff:

    Ever since hearing this theme on Netflix as it automatically played on my PS4 system, I had to hear it again. I also wanted to play it out, because that’s what I do best when I come across new music that I love. I figured I’d share the wealth and put together a 10+ minute extended version of the track.

    This extended version blends the intro credits score with the outro credits score. There are subtle differences. The intro theme plays in conjunction with the animated text sequence. The black screen parts of the video, in general, are the outro theme.

    Music composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of S U R V I V E. You can listen to more of their fine work here (PLEASE support the artists’ work!!):


    Intro sequence designed by Imaginary Forces/Eric Demeusy:

    http://ericdemeusy.com/strangerthings (Thanks to Ryan Court in the comments for pointing out Eric’s website!)

    I do not own any rights to the video or music. If asked to pull down the video, I will do so. J…

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpHNlx0pPIU
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  2. Justiz - “Unterschichtenorientierte Medienberichterstattung über Straftaten”

    Es gebe viele Vorurteile und Vorverurteilungen in Strafrechtsprozessen. Schuld daran sei auch, dass in den Medien oft sehr unwissend über solche Themen berichtet werde, sagte Thomas Fischer, Vorsitzender Richter des 2. Strafsenats des Bundesgerichtshofs. Und auch die Justiz tue das ihre dazu, weil sie sich abschotte.


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  3. MeaningofLife.tv

    In the beginning . . .

    Looking for the old MeaningofLife.tv videos (circa 2002)? Click here


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  4. Remaster #16: How No Man’s Sky Came To Be - Relay FM

    No Man’s Sky and its path to PlayStation, told by the man who brought it there.


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  5. Art & Story: Talking shop with comics creators Mark Rudolph and Jerzy Drozd » Art & Story Alive! Episode 88

    Our main topic comes by way of Storrior Mark Harmon:

    I’d like to hear opinions about the legality of drawing and selling licensed characters that are not owned by the artist selling them.

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  6. Canvas #17: 2Do with Ben Brooks - Relay FM

    This week Fraser talks with Ben Brooks about the third major task manager on iOS, 2Do.


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