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  1. Longform : Episode 189: Maciej Ceglowski

    Maciej Ceglowski is the founder of Pinboard. He writes at Idle Words.

    “My natural contrarianism makes me want to see if I can do something long-term in an industry where everything either changes until it's unrecognizable or gets sold or collapses. I like the idea of things on the web being persistent. And more basically, I reject this idea that everything has to be on a really short time scale just because it involves technology. We’ve had these computers around for a while now. It’s time we start treating them like everything else in our lives, where it kind of lives on the same time scale that we do and doesn’t completely fall off the end of the world every three or four years.”

    Thanks to MailChimp, Audible, and Casper, and MIT Press for sponsoring this week's episode.

    Show Notes:


    Ceglowski on Longform

    [2:00] Pinboard

    [2:00] The Bedbug Registry

    [17:00] "The Internet With a Human Face" (YouTube)

    [20:00] "Thoreau 2.0" (Idle Words • Sep 2013)

    [27:00] The Longform Guide to Sleep (Presented by Casper)

    [32:00] "The Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel" (Idle Words • Apr 2007)

    [40:00] Mimi Smartypants

    [41:00] "Send Idle Words to Antarctica" (Kickstarter • Jul 2015)

    [46:00] "On Smarm" (Tom Scocca • Gawker • Dec 2013)

    [47:00] "The Advertising Bubble" (Idle Words • Nov 2015)

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