How The Stanley Parable Was Made and Broke Up The Dev Team

This The Stanley Parable documentary details the development of the video game The Stanley Parable and goes behind the scenes of its creation. Discover how Davey Wreden started working on the original Half-Life 2 mod version of The Stanley Parable when he was a 19 year old film student. Davey created the mod all on his own and when he released it, it instantly became an immense success.

Despite all the success, Davey felt very lost after the game’s release, but thanks to the positive feedback from fans, he felt energized again and decided to remake the Half-Life 2 mod into a fully fledged game. He brought in developers from all over the world to help create the remake, including an independent developer named William Pugh. The duo were equal partners on the project, sharing the title of designer and writer. They set up their own studio called Galactic Cafe.

The documentary also explores all the design decisions that Davey and William made and how, after the game’s release, the two developers struggled and parted ways. Lastly, the documentary also takes a look at how Davey and William found their way back to each other to create The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe edition.

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