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  1. Josh Clark: The Era of the Algorithm

    What do you want the robots to do for you?

    Josh Clark at CreativeMornings New York, January 2018. Free events like this one are hosted every month in dozens of cities. Discover hundreds of talks from the world’s creative community at https://creativemornings.com/talks

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  2. John Whalen on Using Brain Science in Design

    In this week’s Design Podcast, I sit down with John Whalen, chief experience officer at 10 Pearls, a digital development company focused on mobile and web apps, enterprise solutions, cyber security, big data, IoT, and cloud and dev ops. We talk about the “six minds” that underlie each human experience, why it’s important for designers to understand brain science, and what people really look for in a voice assistant.


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  3. The Complexities of UX Design in Health Settings | Anne Cooper talk video

    Collaborate Bristol - The South West’s leading UX and Design Conference: http://collaborateconf.com

    Talk by Anne Cooper at Collaborate Bristol 2017

    The Complexities of UX Design in Health Settings and the Impact of Human Factors

    This session explores the complexities of UX design in health settings with a particular focus on clinical safety, risk and human factors.

    Anne gives real life examples and explains the importance of excellent UX design in the health context.

    Anne is Chief Nurse at NHS Digital

    Collaborate Bristol is organised by Nomensa - the strategic UX design experts.

    Web: http://nomensa.com Work: http://nomensa.com/ux-services Blog: http://nomensa.com/blog Careers: http://nomensa.com/ux-careers

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  4. IoT Podcast Episode 21: Designing Connected Products with Claire Rowland

    We connected our lights and locks to the Internet and frankly, we don’t seem to be much better off. In this week’s podcast I talk to Claire Rowland a user experience consultant and lead author of Designing Connected Products about why that is, and who actually is better off. We also discuss what she’s discovered about making friendlier designs and why she’s optimistic about the smart home.

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  5. Building the Panama Canal

    It’s the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal. It took 34 years to complete and cost over 27,000 lives. To this day, this passage connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans is a key short cut for international trade. Find out how the right people, the right machines and the right methods all came together to build an engineering project of unprecedented scope and challenges.

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  6. Designing for Ubiquitous Computing—Bill Buxton (Build 2013)

    http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2013/2-402 Today, we see digital-based appliances and services appearing in different forms, places, and providing ever more diverse services. Improved attention to design has meant that complexity of the use of each has dropped dramatically, and yet, the collective complexity experienced across the spectrum of devices and scenarios from indoor to out, at home and on the go, is increasing significantly. Bill Buxton will share his perspectives on the premise that in this emerging world of ubiquitous computing, it is vital that devices, applications, and services are designed, from the start, by taking the other members of the ecosystem into account. Individually, they must offer great value, experience, and satisfaction, and combined, great design must derive value from all the other devices, applications, and services in the ecosystem, while continually reducing overall complexity.

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  7. Design Education and Building Teams with the Right Skills

    User experience is an amalgam of information architecture, visual design, interaction design, user research, prototyping, coding, and a host of other skill sets. Combine this complexity with the rapid rate of change in technology and techniques, and it’s no wonder that there’s a gap between the skills required by the industry of UX designers and those taught by design programs in colleges and universities. In this episode of The Digital Life, we discuss the state of design education and how to build teams with the right skills to ship digital products with Jared Spool, Founding Principal of User Interface Engineering.


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  8. Designing with Sensors

    How do we utilize sensor and user data to create experiences in the digital world? We all know that smart devices have sensors, but how can we use this as a resource to acquire information about the user and his environment? And how can we use this information to design a better user experience that is both unobtrusive and transparent? The simple answer: we create adaptive systems.

    Join speaker Avi Itzkovitch to discover core concepts for utilizing smart device technologies and sensor data in order to understand context, and add “adaptive thinking” to the UX professional’s toolset when designing experiences. In his presentation, Avi will demonstrate the importance of context when designing adaptive experiences, give ideas on how to design adaptive systems, and most important, inspire designers to think how smart devices and context-aware applications can enhance the user experience with adaptivity.

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  9. “Siri, did I leave the oven on?” Experience Design for the Connected Home

    For a long time, smart homes were only for geeks or the rich. But mass market retailers are now starting to bring out affordable connected domestic hardware and services to help consumers understand their energy use, control heating/cooling and appliances, and make their homes safer and more secure. It will soon be normal to turn lights and appliances on and off from your smartphone, and set your burglar alarm over the web.

    But the home is a challenging environment: it’s often a shared space inhabited by people with different needs and goals, and the rigid structures of technology driven systems don’t fit the way most of us run our home lives.

    In this talk, I’ll introduce what connected home technologies can do, why the UX is often unsympathetic to our home lives and how we might improve it, and general learnings on designing interconnected, embedded systems that can be applied to other types of multi-device service too.


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