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  1. Episode 6: Designing the Future

    How do you design the future? Today we talk with cyberpunk founder and design theorist Bruce Sterling and feminist/activist writer Jasmina Tešanović about speculative design, design fictions, open source hardware, the maker movement, and the soft robots of our domestic future. Plus we go behind the scenes of the creation of a design fiction by Bruce, Jasmina, Sheldon Brown, and the Clarke Center—a video installation called My Elegant Robot Freedom.

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  2. Designing the Future Through Tangible Storytelling

    As designers, new technologies are always capturing our imaginations, but in order to become part of our everyday life they need be introduced through human contexts and meaningful stories. In this talk, IoT expert and “maker-futurist” Carla Diana will share methods and strategies for new product visions based on vivid storytelling and tangible model making, looking at techniques such as scenario storyboarding, video narratives and vision imagery. She’ll share case studies from recent product design projects as well as experiments from her design lab work to showcase ways that near future technologies can be embraced as compelling ideas for new types of everyday products.

    Carla Diana is a hybrid designer keenly focused on realising new visions for Smart Objects and the Internet of Things. In addition to her industry experience at some of the world’s top design firms, such as frog Design and Smart Design, Carla maintains strategic alliances with a number of academic research groups. She is a member of the Georgia Tech Socially Intelligent Machines Lab, and a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts and the University of Pennsylvania’s Integrated Product Design Program, where she developed the first course on Smart Objects. She is Advisor for the group Tomorrow-Lab, a young design firm that creates electro-mechanical solutions for smart devices and she continues work as a Fellow at Smart Design, where she oversees the Smart Interaction Lab.

    Carla’s recent article, “Talking, Walking Objects”, appeared on the cover of the New York Times Sunday Review in January 2013, and is a good representation of her view of our robotic future. She has just completed a children’s book for Maker Media about the future of 3D printing and design entitled LEO the Maker Prince.

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  3. The Revolution Will Be Extruded

    There’s a lot of buzz about 3-D printers — guns! skin grafts! pizza in space! But as Regina computer scientist David Gerhard discovers, these machines, and the people who use them, are about to revolutionize the way we think about manufacturing, and how we get stuff.

    Participants in the program:

    Natalia Krasnodebska, Community Manager, Shapeways, New York.

    Chris Anderson, author of Makers: The New Industrial Revolution and CEO of 3drobotics and DIY Drones, Berkeley CA.

    Sam Cervantes, founder of Solidoodle 3-D printers, New York.

    Cory Doctorow, science fiction author & futurist, London UK.

    Matt Griffin, Director of Community & Support, Adafruit Industries, New York.

    Michael Cima, Professor Materials Science & Engineering, MIT.

    Raphael Abrams, co-founder of New York City Resistor hackerspace.

    Rylan Grayston, inventor Peachy Printer, Yorkton SK.

    Sherry Lassiter, Program Manager for Fab Labs, Centre for Bits & Atoms, MIT.

    Robert Swartz, consultant for Fab Labs, MIT.

    Nadia Peek, PhD student, Centre for Bits & Atoms, MIT.

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  4. Rodney Brooks: Remaking Manufacturing With Robotics

    Heartland Robotics Chairman and CTO Rodney Brooks asks: What will it take for robots to be added to the toolchest of the makers of American manufacturing, so that they can increase productivity, provide better jobs for American workers, and compete even more strongly in our globalized world?

    Following on President Obama’s call to "begin again the work of remaking America," Maker Faire 2009 was organized around the theme of Re-Make America. Held in the San Francisco Bay Area, Maker Faire celebrates what President Obama called "the risk takers, the doers, and the makers of things."

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