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  1. After On Episode 24: George Church | Bioengineering

    George Church’s Harvard lab is one of the most celebrated fonts of innovation in the world of life sciences. George’s earliest work on the Human Genome Project arguably pre-dated the actual start of that project. Subsequently, he’s been involved in the creation of almost a hundred companies - 22 of which he co-founded. Much of George’s most recent and celebrated work has been with a transformationally powerful gene-editing technique called CRISPR, which he co-invented.

    George and I discuss CRISPR and its jarring ramifications throughout this week’s edition of the After on Podcast. Our conversation begins with a higher-level survey of the field - one which cleanly and clearly defines CRISPR by placing it into a broader, and also a quite fascinating framework. We cover four topics, which I’ll now define up-front for you, so as to make the interview more accessible.

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  2. On Point: George Church and Synthetic Biology

    Synthetic biology can sound kind of bland. Like polyester pants. Nylon stockings. Synthetic – no big deal.

    But think about it. Synthetic biology. Biology fully, deeply, maybe radically remade by man. It’s well underway.

    Re-engineering biology to make food, fuel, medicine. Seeds that grow into houses. Stronger, smarter humans. Maybe even bring back the dead. The extinct

    My guest today has written about finding an “extremely adventurous” woman to give birth to a Neanderthal. And he’s not kidding.

    This hour, On Point: synthetic biology creating new and very old life.

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