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  1. Roots and Future: A History of U.K. Dance

    Look around today’s musical mainstream, and you’ll quickly realized that dance styles are everywhere, filling stadiums, topping charts, and gathering tens of thousands in festivals around the country. Yet few know their full history. “Roots and Future” explores how a community of (primarily) black British musicians, fans, D.J.s, and radio pirates recreated dance music in the United Kingdom during the 1990s and 2000s.

    Connected to the musical mainstream during 1989’s drug and rave fueled “second summer of love,” these musicians learned to combine American hip-hop, dancehall toasting, dub bass, and techno euphoria to create style after chart-topping style, from drum-twisting jungle to the slick sounds of garage, the ferocious rhythms of grime, and the all-encompassing low-end of dubstep. We’ll speak to legendary pirate radio D.J.s, underground label owners, and groundbreaking producers. We’ll check young M.C.s spitting their bars on illegal frequencies, and hear veterans playing to their beloved audiences. And most importantly? We’ll rave. See you on the dance floor.

    #733 Roots and Future: A History of U.K. Dance Producer: Sam Backer Airdate: June 23rd 2016

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  2. Jamie XXs Mix for Colette

    The xx beatmaker and remix-maestro, Jamie XX was commissioned by Parian fashion uber-boutique, Colette, to assemble and present an hour long mix of tunes their patrons can spend $465 on a pair of shorts to. Unsurprisingly, Jamie’s mix leans heavily toward everything big beats and wob-wob-wobbly — not that I’m complaining. There’s also a fine amount of UK Garage that will also get you going.

    Electrelane : I Only Always Think The Streets : Streets Score The XX : Crystalised (DarkSky Remix) Silentone : Beat For Rossi B & Luca : Jah No Dead Clubroot : Lucid Dream Darkstar : Aidy’s Girl Is a Computer Burial : Unite Fantastic Mr Fox & Rich Reason : Lo-Fi-Ve Joy Orbison : Hyph Mngo Skream : Trapped In a Dark Bubble Silentone : DUB PLATE 1 Aardvarck : One1 James Blake : Sparing The Horse Boogaloo Crew : Hedgehog Sound Zomby : Expert Tuition Deadboy : Heartbreaker Bad Autopsy : Psionic Terror Cooly G : Narst zed bias : To the left (test) MJ Cole feat. Serocee : AO (MJ’s Open Your Gob Dubb) DJ Champion: Motherboard Bertrand Dupart : Ketokole (Boddhi Satva Ancestrial Mix) Fantastic Mr Fox : Plimsoul Emvee : Glitch Dub Dorian Concept : Trilingual Dance Sexperience THE XX : ISLAND (JAMIE XX REMIX) Silentone : You’ve Got No Love (Feat. Nigh) Egypt : In The Morning (Original Club Mix)

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  3. Scuba Mixtape for MTV Brazil

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  4. Dj Zinc Crackhouse Mix Jan 09

    kidda - jb remix atrak - shake it down zinc - pimp my ride mr oizo - positif edeet bodzin - rubin ng + katy - tell me zinc - blunt edge hot chip - touch 2 much (fake blood mix) magic mix 1 mystery jets - half in love (foamo edit) boy 8 bit- wolfen avh - ski harder ghetto spells warrior - cvs (remix) zinc - horrible jb - what (b8b mix) proxy - din dah journey into sound busy p protect + entertain (crookers remix) watch dis reservoir dogs - buddah finger tc - wheres my money (caspa/jb longer mix) proxy raven - nolay special zinc - 138 trek zinc loves leia

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