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  1. The Institute of Arts and Ideas: A Goldilock’s World | Chiara Marletto, Bernard Carr, Massimo Pigliucci

    Copernicus and Darwin taught us to be skeptical of feeling we were special. Yet from the size of the electron to the cosmological constant our universe is strangely fine-tuned for life. Is this a spectacularly fortuitous accident? Has the universe been tailored for us or do the theories just make it look that way?

    New York philosopher Massimo Pigliucci, M-Theorist and author of Universe or Multiverse? Bernard Carr, and Oxford constructor theorist Chiara Marletto wonder why we are here.

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  2. Deepak Chopra and physicist Leonard Mlodinow: Science And The Spirit

    Deepak Chopra and physicist Leonard Mlodinow join us to talk science and spirit.

    America was built on science. America was rooted in religion. For 200 years, both thrived. In the last quarter-century, they’ve clashed. And the clash has been costly.

    Can we settle this? Maybe. We’ve got two big figures with us today who have taken on the war of worldviews.

    Man of spirit, Deepak Chopra. Man of science, Leonard Mlodinow. One a giant in the realm of spiritual guidance. One a Stephen Hawking-scale master of physics and the scientific way.

    Both ready to hash it out.

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  3. Lightspeed Magazine: Bubbles by David Brin

    Bubbles By David Brin; Read by Harlan Ellison Approx. 37 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]

    “Most of the universe is the regions between galaxies, yet no stories are ever set in that vast emptiness. In “Bubbles” by David Brin, we get to know Serena, a lonely entity traveling the space between galaxies.” First published in a 1987 anthology, The Universe edited by Byron Preiss.

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  4. David Deutsch And The Beginning of Infinity

    Quantum computing genius and Oxford don David Deutsch is a thinker of such scale and audaciousness he can take your breath away. His bottom line is simple and breathtaking all at once.

    It’s this: human beings are the most important entities in the universe. Or as Deutsch might have it, in the “multiverse.” For eons, little changed on this planet, he says. Progress was a joke. But once we got the Enlightenment and the scientific revolution, our powers of inquiry and discovery became infinite. Without limit.

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  5. Marcus Chown on 10 Bonkers Things About the Universe

    Marcus Chown of New Scientist Magazine on his Top 10 Bonkers Things About the Universe


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  6. Lord Martin Rees: Life and the Cosmos

    It’s famously called the Final Frontier, and thanks to rapidly developing technology we now know more about the outer reaches of our galaxy than ever. But that leaves unknowns.

    Does the universe have any limits? Are there any other earth-like planets out there? And the big one, are we alone?

    Addressing the University of Melbourne recently, Britain’s Astronomer Royal, Lord Martin Rees, reports on the latest research.

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  7. Science & The City: What Time Is It?

    Famed screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and theoretical physicist Brian Greene dissect time as we know it. What is the smallest unit of time, and what does it look like? For starters, you should stop looking at the clock, and start looking at the universe.

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  8. The Science of Parallel Universes - could there be copies of YOU out there?

    New theories in physics claim that each of us has many exact replicas of ourselves in other universes - in theory you could get in a spaceship and if you travelled far enough, meet your identical self in an identical world! Some cosmologists say that if you accept space is infinite, then even the most improbable event must take place eventually. Join our panel of cosmologists and philosophers and bend your mind. Cafe Scientific at the Sydney Writers Festival Hosted by Dr Paul Willis, reporter ABC Catalyst

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  9. Lawrence Krauss: Life, The Universe, and Nothing

    Lawrence Krauss is a professor in the Department of Physics at Arizona State University. His lecture entitled Life, the Universe and Nothing was recorded at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto on March 27th, 2009.

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  10. The Agenda: Neil Turok on the Endless Universe

    Neil Turok on the "Endless Universe" and the Q2C:Quantum to Cosmos Festival.

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