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  1. Etsy engineering director Lara Hogan on public speaking - Inside Intercom

    A conversation about how and why you should begin public speaking, the importance of good feedback, tech conference’s diversity problem, and more.


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  2. Alex Langley’s Tech Chat episode 02 - It’s An Insecure World

    Alex Langley and guests chat about the latest tech news and developments with a distinctly British slant. The main show comes out every month with follow up bitesize shows every week in between.

    Andy Budd and Mick Peace join Alex in the studio, putting the world to rights on all aspects of online security


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  3. Alex Langley’s Tech Chat

    Monthly technology chat show bringing you the latest news and developments with a distinctly British slant.

    Lars Hyland a genuine guru on digital learning and Rosa Fox an actual software developer and organiser of codebar Brighton join me in the studio talking about insecure passwords and we all get takeaway delivered


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  4. Dark Patterns and Ada Lovelace - Tech Weekly podcast | Technology | The Guardian

    How user interfaces are designed to trick us. Plus, the legacy of Victorian computing pioneer Ada Lovelace.

    Ever subscribed to a mailing list by mistake? Booked travel insurance without noticing? Then you’ve fallen for a Dark Pattern.

    This week on the podcast we investigate the murky world of Dark Patterns: user interfaces that use psychological techniques to trick us into doing things we might otherwise not do.

    And as a new exhibition dedicated to Ada Lovelace opens at the Science Museum, we find out why the Victorian computing whizz is the hottest ticket in town 200 years on.

    Nathalie Nahai is joined by digital product designer Cennydd Bowles, Channel 4 News tech journalist Geoff White, designer Dan Lockton and Science Museum curator Tilly Blyth.


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  5. 5by5 | On the Grid #114: Falling Flat

    On the Grid

    Thinking out loud about design weekly.

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    Hosted by Andy Mangold, Dan Auer, and Matt McInerney.

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  6. Ten years of Google Maps – Tech Weekly podcast

    On this week’s Tech Weekly podcast, we mark Google Maps’ 10th anniversary – yes, it has been 10 whole years since digital maps hit the mainstream and banished the A to Z from people’s bags.

    Gary Gale from the UK’s Ordnance Survey joins us down the line to talk about the company’s mapping initiatives around digital maps and where maps go next – indoors.

    Plus professor Mark Graham from the Oxford Internet Institute discusses how the geographies of the internet have reconfigured how people engage with the city.


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  7. Episode 576: When Women Stopped Coding

    Mark Zuckerberg. Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Most of the big names in technology are men.

    But a lot of computing pioneers, the ones who programmed the first digital computers, were women. And for decades, the number of women in computer science was growing.

    But in 1984, something changed. The number of women in computer science flattened, and then plunged.

    Today on the show, what was going on in 1984 that made so many women give up on computer science? We unravel a modern mystery in the U.S. labor force.

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  8. Ladies In Tech with Jenn Lukas

    Jenn Lukas drops by to talk about her initiative, Ladies in Tech. We discuss her first speaking experiences, what prompted her to begin Ladies in Tech, gender disparity in our industry and what we think could be done about it. We also discuss her addiction to Tumblr, how to decide the best CMS for a project, and latest updates from CMSes we’re following!


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  9. Anki robotics founder Boris Sofman on why it’s a small leap from zippy toys to self-drive cars

    This week on Tech Weekly with Aleks Krotoski we discuss the reasons behind a rush by the UK government to get new data laws on the statute before the summer recess of parliament. Aleks speaks to Jim Killock executive director of the Open Rights Group about the dangers of rushing such important legislation and why this might endanger our civil liberties and rights as consumers.

    Aleks is also joined by the Guardian tech team in the form of Samuel Gibbs and Shiona Tregaskis to discuss Amazon’s recent application in the US to test out its drone delivery system Prime Air and Guardian games editor Keith Stuart give his top five tips for those who have just returned to the world of gaming and are nervous about picking up a controller.

    Finally Guardian technology editor Charles Arthur meets Boris Sofman, founder of the robotics company Anki. Boris discusses the recent launch of his Anki Drive toy cars and why the technology running is not so different to the technology behind Google’s self-drive car.


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  10. Project Eavesdrop: An Experiment At Monitoring My Home Office : All Tech Considered : NPR

    NPR’s Steve Henn, along with two tech experts, allowed Internet traffic through his laptop and cellphone to be monitored. If someone tapped your Internet connection, what would they find out?


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