Junot Díaz reads his short story “Flaka” (Live at the Brattle Theater)

On stage, he was gracious, warm, conversational, and above all, sincere. A generous curser, he peppered his sentences with swears. When answering questions from the audience, he alternated, seamlessly, between a casual tone and a more professorial air, with lines like, “The praxis of reading is supported by this constant inquisition, this constant questioning: what does this mean?” He talked of reading, of race, and of language. And when one woman asked his thoughts on an article that stated that Oscar Wao would replace Catcher in the Rye as the seminal high school experience text, he dismissed it, laughing. “Jesus,” he said, “No comment.”

Listen to Junot Díaz read his new story “Flaka” and the Q&A here.