Does Jesus Rebuke Worship of Himself As God in Mark 10:17-18; Lk 18:18-19; and Matt 19:16-17?

An Airtable of my public domain works including Agnes Lewis Sinai Sinaiticus [not the same as the Codex Sinaiticus]

There is an 1892 and 1896 edition — I recommend you donwload boath, because prefix useful in volume 1.

LESSON IN THIS VIDEO Jesus rebukes someone who falls on his knees to worship Jesus, and calls him "Good Rabbi," because only God can be called Good. The man had asked Jesus "how do I have eternal life?" — the question we would all ask God if we met him in the flesh. Thus, this man sincerely thought Jesus was God, and truly did intend to worship Jesus, and that is how Jesus understood the man's statement that He, Jesus, was "Good." Jesus says not to do that, for only "one is Good," God alone.

Hence, Jesus in accord with John 17:1-3 said He was not God once more, and rebuked someone who worshipped him as God. There is no possibility Jesus was intending to test the man whether He was God because Jesus' words were the opposite of how you would teach one is God, and one deserves being called Good. Why are we so sure? Because (a) Jesus says the opposite; and (b) Jesus had the opportunity to say contrariwise, and affirm his own Deity and right to be called "Good."

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