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  1. The Talk Show #34: A Very Puffy Shirt - 5by5


    JOHN: We only have one TV in the house.
    DAN: Oh, but it’s huge, Dude. It’s huge. It’s, like, a…60-…70-inch plasma.
    JOHN: It’s a hundred and eighty inches. Diagonal.
    DAN: You can see that from any room you want.
    JOHN: Right. It’s twenty-two feet.
    DAN: [laughs]
    JOHN: Diagonal.


    —Huffduffed by Christian

  2. The Future of Microformats

    Google, via its rich snippets, has reported that microformats has a 94% usage share (as compared with RDFa etc.). So how does the future look for microformats? In this session, we’ll look closely at real problems with implementing microformats in HTML5 and how this can be done, and whether there will be a continuing place for them. We’ll also look at emerging technologies and techniques, such as RelMeAuth and discuss advanced user techniques. As Microformats passes through it’s 5th birthday, we’ll discuss the highs and lows of the project.

    —Huffduffed by Christian