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  1. Interactive Podcasts: Selling Your Milk When the Cow is Free

    Using open source is one thing, but can your idea succeed if you give your own work away? Scrappy entrepreneurs will discuss that question, share their own experiences with open source business models, and offer advice to others considering open source licenses.

    The facilitator, Jeff Eaton, organized this talk to "educate others about OSS opportunities and pitfalls", so the Open Atrium angle is only a small part of a much larger and diverse conversation. The panel also includes:

    Evan Prodromou, the founder, an open source microblogging service. Tiffany Farriss from, a digital design and web shop that does a lot of work with Drupal. Brad Fitzpatrick, who worked for LiveJournal and is now at Google working on standards like OpenID. From

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