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  1. A tribute to Tito Puente | PRI's The World

    Ken Bader tells us about a tribute album to the late Tito Puente from Bobby Sanabria and the Manhattan School of Music Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra. Download MP3 Video: El Lider by Bobby Sanabria Big Band at Lincoln Center

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  2. Soundcheck - Wynton Marsalis

    Wynton Marsalis is no stranger to ambitious concepts. His latest major work presents a particularly bold task: getting orchestras to swing. He joins us to discuss his “Swing Symphony,” which gets its US premiere at the New York Philharmonic this month, and to talk about the melding of classical and jazz idioms.

    Plus, we ask him about his score to the silent film Louis, the new season at Jazz at Lincoln Center – and the trip to Cuba he is leading in October.


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  3. Blue Note Records Celebrates 70 Years Of Jazz

    January 6, 2009 - If you’re into jazz at all, some of your favorite albums were probably issued by Blue Note Records. Aficionados celebrate the label for putting out some of the definitive recordings in jazz history, spanning from before bebop to the present day. Even the cover art, with its Francis Wolff photography, elegant design and sleek typesetting, has become iconic in jazz lore.

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