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The Fall of Phaeton has the appearance of a myth, but it preserves important information regarding a previous apocalypse. During this "epoch ellipse", the earth was ignited in a firestorm, and the sky was filled with burning ashes and black smoke. The earth cracked open and the seas shrank up.

This might sound hyperbolic, but we now have scientific evidence that shows something terrible happened to our planet roughly 12,800 years ago. The "Black Mat" layer tells us that there was widespread fires across the planet. These fires, and the resulting climate change, lack of food, and loss of habitat, all contributed to the extinction of roughly half the mega-fauna species on Earth.

We also see evidence of two "catastrophic rise events", where the global sea level increased rapidly. A tremendous source of energy is required to cause such events, especially during an Ice Age.

While there is evidence of a cometary impact at 12,800 years ago, we don't see the same proxies at 11,600 years ago. (These dates mark the beginning and end of the Younger Dryas period.)

In this video Randall ties it all together, and explains how the story of Phaeton may actu…

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