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  1. Cool Things Coming in 9.0.5 Next Week! Saturday WoW News

    WoW’s Patch 9.0.5 is officially releasing this upcoming week with the weekly maintenance and reset, so lets talk about the bigger things that are coming like Valor Points! Originally this one included an extra five minutes of me yammering about starting keystone item level but the update blue post fixed the concerns I had so slightly shorter video this week :D This show includes discussion of the WoW news of the week and answering questions. If you have any questions that you’d like answered in a Saturday News, include the word ‘question’ and leave them as comments!

    Official Patch 9.0.5 Notes

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  2. Steve Jobs Stories

    Chris Fralic, Steven Levy, Esther Dyson, Mike Slade, John/Diane SCULLEY, Seth Godin, Andy Cunningham, Dan’l Lewin, Doug Menuez, Regis McKenna, Andy Hertzfeld, and Steven Rosenblatt share their "Steve Jobs Stories" in honor of what would have been the Apple cofounder’s 66th birthday.

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  3. Tesla Model S & X Refresh, Biden Coup & Toyota Punished | 100% Independent, 100% Electric

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    In this news episode Robert responds to a Fully Charged podcast that upset Tesla ultras and an article that upset ardent Anti-Tesla haters. We can’t win, so we’ll just be ourselves.

    He also looks at fantastically positive reports of bumper electric car sales across the world and support from the Biden administration to accelerate the transition to electric. Tesla are unsurprisingly leading the pack, and has announced refreshes of the Model S & Model X.

    Sadly, its not all positive and the on-going actions of Toyota and their tailpipe emissions provoke a decent rant mid-episode which we know you enjoy. Plus, could a shortage of semi-conductors be the big stealth story of 2021, and could it hold back EV production?

    Links to news stories: Zoe beats Tesla: Toyota emissions fine: Semi-conductor shortage: Tesla refresh:

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  4. Will Apple, Toyota or VW be Tesla’s biggest competitor? + more | 100% Independent, 100% Electric

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    Here is the first Fully Charged news episode of 2021 and we’ve tried hard to focus on the positive stories to help balance the abundance of negative news in the wider world.

    As a starter for 10, Fully Charged OUTSIDE will (we very much hope) be returning this year to Farnborough (UK) in June and Fully Charged LIVE will be launching in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in October. More information on these shows can be found here -

    In other news, while technology giant Apple looks to be on the cusp of starting to make electric cars, the sales of Volkswagen’s EVs look like they are being limited by the car dealerships. We could also be reaching the tipping point for electric car pricing with news that battery cell prices have finally fallen below $100 per kWh and America is trialing a (small) number of fully electric school buses.

    There’s also a sneaky Bobby’s Book Review thrown in, signs that Toyota are making their first steps in the EV market and news that Airbus have designed pods that could be the blueprint for future hydrogen aircraft.

    Links to the stories covered: Apple Car VW trying not to sell ID3 https://www….

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  5. Goodbye to All This, Chapter one: A shadow - BBC World Service podcast

    "He blows a kiss and now I see it. There’s exhaustion in his eyes and in the way he stands. How didn’t I notice it before?”

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    Sophie and Russell never expected anything bad to happen – not to them. But then he had some blood tests and scans and they started to feel scared. It all begins at a coffee shop in Sydney, Australia.

    In mid-2011, Sophie’s husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, and she cared for him, with the support of her family and friends, until his death in February the next year. Since then, she has raised her girls alone, rising to new challenges, making lots of mistakes, and finding a new place in the world.

    This is a story about life, love and loss. A memoir by Sophie Townsend.

    A Falling Tree production for the BBC World Service.

    Download the podcast and more episodes here:

    Video produced by Stephanie Constantine and D8.

    Website: Twitter: Facebook:


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  6. Combustion Hypocrisy, Diesel Killers & ELECTRIC HUMMER | 100% Independent, 100% Electric

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    Robert’s back with his thoughts on some of the latest stories from the world of clean energy & electric vehicles as well as a Statham-esque movie voiceover! Starting with the impact of oil or no oil on a country’s corruption, human rights and political unrest there’s a great circular economy story about a New Zealand start up who are recycling precious metals from electronic waste. In other news, Honda have announced they will stop making diesel cars immediately and plan to be fully electric by 2022 and Octopus Energy have created a new ‘Electric Juice’ system to simplify public charging options. Finally, Robert lets out his inner action hero when looking at Hummer’s new all electric pickup!

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  7. Tesla’s Texas Lithium Refinery with Andrew Miller

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