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  1. 5by5 | The Web Ahead #106: Focusing on Customer Top Tasks with Gerry McGovern

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  2. Are virtual personal assistants helping you live your life? Or intruding on it? MPR News with Tom Weber - MPR News

    Technology is embedded in our lives, but with convenience comes concerns about privacy. MPR News reporter Marianne Combs looked at how new technology is changing our relationships with corporations, and with each other. Joining her was Ben Sauer, a digital product designer and strategist at Clearleft and Cyborg Anthropologist Amber Case. Case studies the relationship between humans and technology.

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  3. Here’s What Sci-Fi Can Teach Us About Fascism | WIRED

    Want to understand the appeal of fascist regimes? Watch/read science fiction.

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  4. Listen to the podcast: Service design know-how

    Podcast and transcript of Jeremy Myerson, Gillian Crampton-Smith, Chris Downs, and Heather Martin discussing service design at Intersections 07

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  5. Service Design Thinking Podcast with Marc Stickdorn :: Lean Sales and Marketing thru Service Design Thinking

    Using Lean thru Service Design Thinking to drive Continuous Improvement in Lean Sales and Marketing, Lean Services, Lean Design

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  6. The value of consciously designed services « Service Design 2012

    We can get caught up in researching, designing and launching services, and totally forget the impact the conscious design of services is having on real people. Let this cease!

    Using stories from Australia and around the world, this talk provides tangible examples of the impact service design is having on customers, staff and organisations in a range of different sectors.

    Presented by Iain Barker

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  7. What is service design?

    Airbnb, Spotify, GiffGaff, Uber… at first thought, these companies don’t seem to have much in common. Yet regardless of the industry, from hospitality to transportation, one key has been crucial to their success: service. Mat Hunter, Chief Design Officer at Design Council, and Ben Terrett, Director of Design at GDS (best known for GOV.UK), sit down to explain what service design is, how it can improve public services and why it will be key for businesses to compete in the future.

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  8. Service Design

    Using Lean thru Service Design Thinking to drive Continuous Improvement in Lean Sales and Marketing, Lean Services, Lean Design

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  9. How to teach yourself service design: Three years of lessons learnt « Service Design 2012

    A couple of years ago we decided that our vision at Optimal Usability was to help transform New Zealand organisations into providers of world-class customer experiences. We quickly came to the conclusion that world-class experience is almost always across channels, and while we had done lots of projects with different channels, very few were about researching and designing the end-to-end experience.

    This was about the same time that service design was gaining some currency as an umbrella term for cross-channel customer experience.

    We figured that we really needed to bone up on what service design was, and how it applied to what we did. The resulting journey took us 3 years and we discovered a lot about how to “learn service design”. Some innovative approaches included spending 3 months doing service design on ourselves, interviewing CEOs of service design companies and conducting internal knowledge sharing sessions.

    In this presentation I’ll share our journey, our lessons and our mistakes; and give you some ideas that you can try.

    Presented by Trent Mankelow

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  10. Suze Ingram – Would you like service design with that?

    Service design is a new discipline which focuses on understanding what customers want, then designing services which meet their needs. Sound familiar? Web designers have focused on user-centred design for years to create websites and applications that are user friendly.

    Service design is well established in Europe and North America and there’s already a handful of Australian businesses offering service design. What is it? Does experience in designing for screen interaction translate to designing services too? Will service design be the next big thing? Suze offers insight by drawing on her years of experience as a UX designer and researcher. She shows how service design might fit into your business in the future, who you might pitch it to, and what sort of skills you might need to deliver service design.

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