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  1. Jobs to be Done: from Doubter to Believer by Sian Townsend at Front 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah

    Sian Townsend, Director of Research at Intercom, describes what the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) technique is, how it can be used to design products, and presents case studies to illustrate how JTBD has been applied at Intercom. This is the story of how I spent the last 2 years using a technique called Jobs to be Done (JTBD) to research and design products at a fast growing startup called Intercom. 2 years ago, I’d never heard even heard of JTBD and was skeptical that it was anything truly innovative. Now, everyone at Intercom is focused around JTBD. In this talk I’ll take you through what JTBD actually is and how we’ve used it to design products with great success at Intercom. Finally, I’ll share some insights about how you can get more out of the basic technique by learning from Intercom’s experiences. Want more inspirational talks like this? Join us at Front 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah!

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  2. The Sound of Young America: Chris Morris

    Chris Morris is a comedy writer, director and performer. He was voted one of the all-time top 12 "comedians’ comedians" in a BBC poll, and his past work includes the news satires Brass Eye and The Day Today. His new film is a farce about a group of would-be suicide bombers called Four Lions.


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  3. Dr. John Curran ‘Two tribes go to war. Dealing with conflict as part of Design’ - This is HCD - Human Centered Design Podcast -

    In this episode, I caught up with Dr. John Curran, a London-based anthropologist. Now, we met in Service Design Days in Barcelona where John was giving a keynote on conflict, and how important it is to deal with this conflict, not only in the design process but also the broader impact to the business itself.

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  4. 26 // Christine Polewarczyk, SiriusDecisions // Enterprise Content Strategy and Operations

    Christine is the Service Director of Content Strategy and Operations at SiriusDecisions. In this week’s podcast, she describes the Content Transformation Roadmap she uses to identify the strategy, people, processes, and technology needed to achieve the

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