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  1. Cern podcast: Chris Morris visits the Large Hadron Collider | Science | The Guardian

    Physicist Brian Cox guides satirist Chris Morris around the Large Hadron Collider. Produced by yada-yada for Cern

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  2. The Sound of Young America: Chris Morris

    Chris Morris is a comedy writer, director and performer. He was voted one of the all-time top 12 "comedians’ comedians" in a BBC poll, and his past work includes the news satires Brass Eye and The Day Today. His new film is a farce about a group of would-be suicide bombers called Four Lions.


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  3. Dr. John Curran ‘Two tribes go to war. Dealing with conflict as part of Design’ - This is HCD - Human Centered Design Podcast -

    In this episode, I caught up with Dr. John Curran, a London-based anthropologist. Now, we met in Service Design Days in Barcelona where John was giving a keynote on conflict, and how important it is to deal with this conflict, not only in the design process but also the broader impact to the business itself.

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  4. 26 // Christine Polewarczyk, SiriusDecisions // Enterprise Content Strategy and Operations

    Christine is the Service Director of Content Strategy and Operations at SiriusDecisions. In this week’s podcast, she describes the Content Transformation Roadmap she uses to identify the strategy, people, processes, and technology needed to achieve the

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  5. Kindergarten Cop (1990) - Shat The Movies Podcast

    "Kindergarten Cop" In this action-comedy, unusual circumstances find big, brawny cop John Kimble (Arnold Schwarzenegger) posing as a kindergarten teacher in order to apprehend major drug lord Cullen Crisp (Richard Tyson), as well as his ruthless accomplice and mother, Eleanor (Carroll Baker).

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  6. Episode 320: eXistenZ (1999) 04/25 by The Projection Booth Podcast | Film

    Special Guest: Ernest Mathijs Guest Co-Hosts: Jessica Kramer, Dustin Kramer eXistenZ, the 1999 film from writer/director David Cronenberg stars Jennifer Jason Leigh as Allegra Geller, a game designer who has been marked for death by a faction known as the ?Realists?. After an assassination attempt she escapes with her ineffectual bodyguard, a PR nerd named Ted Pikull played by Jude Law. The pair eventually test out Allegra’s new game, eXistenZ, in order to make sure her biomass game pod is still functional. From there the film traverses many layers of game play, making viewers question what’s real and what’s part of play. Dustin & Jessica Kramer of the Popcorn Poops podcast join Mike to discuss existentialism, Freud, Philip K. Dick, The Matrix, and more. Buy eXistenZ on DVD Buy the eXistenZ novelization by "John Luther Novak" (AKA Christopher Priest) Buy the eXistenZ soundtrack by Howard Shore Buy The Cinema of David Cronenberg: From Baron of Blood to Cultural Hero Buy The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich by Philip K. Dick Buy The Days of Perky Pat by Philip K. Dick Listen to the Popcorn Poops podcast

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  7. The Car Purchase Interview (Critical Path)

    Bob Moesta demonstrates Jobs to be Done interview technique by speaking with Horace about a car purchase. 1 hour 56 minutes

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  8. The Nest Fire Alarm Purchase (ReWired Group)

    Bob and Chris demonstrate the switch interview technique during a switch workshop by interviewing an attendee about his $700 Nest fire alarm purchase.

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  9. The Jobs that 5-Hour Energy Drink is Hired For

    In this week’s episode of Jobs-To-Be-Done Radio we examine energy-related jobs and the 5 Hour Energy Drink product through the lens of Jobs-To-Be-Done. Bob talks through how the Kano Model can be used to categorize dimensions of value once the … Read More

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  10. Designing for simplicity

    The MIT Media Lab’s John Maeda lives at the intersection of technology and art, a place that can get very complicated. Here he talks about paring down to basics.

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