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  1. Firefox 4 - A Minute With Brendan

    All about the upcoming release of Firefox 4 including the new SpiderMonkey JS interpreter including what is upcoming with web workers and web sockets. For some awesome examples of sockets and workers, checkout the recent applications created as part of Node Knockout competition.

    * Firefox 4
    * Mozilla Developer Blog
    * Mozilla Developer Center
    * Web Sockets
    * Web Workers
    * SpiderMonkey - The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy

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  2. Einstein & Sock Monkey — Episode 4: HTML5 Madness!!

    On this episode we talk to the fabulous Jeremy Keith, author of HTML5 For Web Designers. Awesome book, awesome guy, awesome interview. We also have 2 additional guests: John Wolters (Usability Expert & Technical Communicator) from Aachen, Germany, and Lindsey Ogden (Designer

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  3. ExplicitWeb - Episode 7 - Content vs. Design, Microformats, Working in Bursts, and the iPad

    On this week’s show we have an extra segment presented by our magical mystical internet guest: Rick Nunn. Rick takes us through content vs design and why he thinks most people are doing it wrong. Elsewhere, Hannah introduces microformats and discusses the relevance of valid vs semantic markup, John divulges his ultimate tips for productivity (and a new way of life) and finally Rob discusses how he thinks the iPad is about to change web development.

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