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  1. Gin & Innovation : Gin

    In which critical futurist Scott Smith joins George and Justin to talk about radical fishmongery, electric two-wheelers, flatpack futures, India's Mars mission, and the perfidy of "we." Intro and outro music courtesy of Chris Arkenberg.

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    India’s upcoming mission to Mars is a chance to best Russia and China (QZ)

    India is quite capable of sending a rocket to Mars and fighting poverty at the same time (QZ)

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  2. Gin & Innovation : Gin

    In which George goes to China, George and Justin undertake an informal (covert?) ethnography of cat-based surveillance, and Dan Williams drops by to talk about intermodal container shipping, satellites, and GPS. Intro and outro music courtesy, as ever, of Chris Arkenberg.

    Links and works referenced:

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    —Huffduffed by BenjaminParry