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  1. Dan Rubin — Creativity, design and interaction with HTML5 and CSS3

    HTML5 and CSS3 are the newest stars of the web: the cor ner stones of pro gres sive enhance ment, the future of online video, the eas i est way to build web appli ca tions for desk top and mobile devices, and a bril liant foun da tion upon which we can add com­plex inter ac tion and ani ma tion lay ers with javascript and Canvas; hap pily — thanks to much-​​improved browser sup port — we can now use them. In this ses sion, Dan Rubin will show you who’s already tak ing advan tage of these lat est addi tions to our tool box, what this means for inter face design ers, and how you can bring the same tech niques to your projects.

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  2. Maths with Pictures — Professor John D Barrow — Gresham College

    From http://www.gresham.ac.uk/event.asp?PageId=108&EventId=1037 Speaker(s): Professor John D Barrow FRS Date/Time: 05/10/2010, 1pm Venue: Museum of London

    How pictures have been used in mathematics. The use of illustrations in ancient mathematics books, the invention of the first graphs and the representation of probabilities, sets and formulae by pictures. We look at the role played by computers in exploring and displaying the behaviour of extremely large and complicated problems. This has changed the culture of applied mathematics and science and influences the way research is done and the forms in which it is presented.

    Download Files lecture notes (Powerpoint, 13.4 MB) audio file (58.9MB) Video file (242MB)

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  3. Andy Clarke — Keynote: Hardboiled Web Design

    Andy Clarke’s Hardboiled Web Design is an uncom pro mis ing look at how to make the most from mod ern design tools and browsers, up-​​to-​​date tech niques and processes. In this prac ti cal, design focussed talk, Andy will dis cuss the ‘how’ as well as the ‘why’ and will chal lenge your pre con cep tions to help you make bet ter work for the web.

    Andy will demon strate the most mod ern, forward-​​moving and some times exper i men­tal CSS tech niques while empha sis ing why a for ward look ing approach to CSS will pay real dividends.

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  4. The Guardian Books Podcast: Looking ahead in science fiction

    Science fiction is the marmite of literature – people tend to love it or hate it. Yet no one could deny that it has produced many of the great myths of our age, from Frankenstein's monster to William Gibson's cyber-reality.

    SF blogger Damien Walter joins our panellists to discuss where it is now, and why we should all tune in to a genre that can be satirical, prophetic, political and plain good fun, often all at the same time. He also outlines some of the titles to look out for in 2010.

    We also look at John Wyndham's previously unpublished novel, Plan for Chaos, and interview China Miéville, rising star of the "new weird".


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  5. CSS3 Design with HTML5

    As HTML5 and CSS3 gets written, browser vendors are already incorporating their new features allowing for greater design and functionality. However, some major browsers haven't. How should developers build for a constantly moving target? This panel discusses dealing with those older browsers and embracing new Web design technologies with practical HTML5 and CSS3 demonstrations.

    From http://sxsw.com/node/5013

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  6. SXSW 2010: Design Fiction

    Design fiction is an approach to design that speculates about new ideas through prototyping and storytelling. The goal is to move away from the routine of lifeless scenarios-based thinking. We will share design fiction projects and discuss related techniques for design thinking, communication and exploration of near future concepts.


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