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  1. The Box - Episode 2: Shaun Inman

    Shaun is a master of all trades. He’s a talented designer, develops for multiple platforms, and even writes his own music and game soundtracks. You might know him from webapps like Mint and Fever, but in this episode of The Box we’re gonna talk about his 2 games: Horror Vacui 2 and the upcoming Mimeo.

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  2. Sorrow by Shaun Inman

    Via Twitter: "Rerecorded my cover of @saltercane’s Sorrow properly."

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  3. The Pipeline 5: Shaun Inman

    Shaun Inman is the creator of Mint, Fever, IFR, and Mimeo and the Kleptopus King, a brand new game for the iPhone.

    Dan and Shaun discuss the creative process, transitioning from a designer to developer to game maker, music, inspiration, building community, and more.

    Duration: 28:25 / Size: 13 MB

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