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  1. Hannah Donovan, CEO & Co-founder, Trash

    Hannah Donovan is the CEO & Co-founder of Trash, a new startup that’s currently building a predictive video editing platform for creators.

    Hannah’s passion for media and design in all forms goes back to her early childhood.

    She eventually moved to New York before using the remainder of her savings to fly to the UK to interview with Last.fm where she was the first designer and woman hired on the team.

    Following the $280M acquisition of Last.fm by CBS, Hannah moved back to New York to push her product ideas and hypothesis on mixing AI and user recommendations in the audio space further with the launch of This Is My Jam, a cool and innovative platform for music lovers.

    After almost 4 years of working on that technology, Hannah continued to pursue her interests and passions for creating new forms of content & art, as well as the creative process of using a variety of tools.

    She joined Drip.com which was acquired by Kickstarter, and then the Twitter owned Vine platform, where she was faced with the unique challenge of shutting the platform down, shortly after joining.

    Hannah joins us to share her story, how she got into design and startups, what it was like working at Last.fm, what it was like launching and growing her first music startup This Is My Jam, how she created the opportunity to join Vine as the General Manager, what it was like facing the immense challenge of shutting the beloved platform down while simultaneously preserving the amazing content, how she managed to pursue her passions and curiosities, while establishing a career in consumer entertainment technology, what she’s currently up to with her new startup Trash, and much more!


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  2. StartUp #1 How Not to Pitch a Billionaire

    This is a series about what happens when someone who knows nothing about business starts one. It’s called StartUp.

    In episode one, Alex Blumberg botches his pitch to Silicon Valley billionaire Chris Sacca.


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  3. Episode 17: Startup Realities w/Amy Hoy

    his episode of Chasing Product features Amy Hoy, sharing her no-BS-allowed outlook on startup realities and growing a businesses.

    Bootstrapped Product Talking Points Why the businesses featured in “entreporn” are outliers, not startup realities How a steady stream of small wins is good for you & your customers Running a startup while dealing w/health issues Why lots of hours aren’t necessary to success Why letting go of certain tasks will not kill you

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  4. 70Decibels - Generational - 038 - Building Sustainable Businesses with Maciej Cegłowski

    Gabe and Erik chat with Maciej Cegłowski, creator of Pinboard, about travel, deciding to create your own business, and helping others build their own, $37 at a time.


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  5. Natalie Downe & Simon Willison - Lanyrd: From side project to startup

    Natalie and Simon launched the first version of Lanyrd.com while on honeymoon in Casablanca. As the site took off, they realised their side project was destined to become something much bigger. This talk will tell the story of Lanyrd, from a two-week proof of concept to a full-fledged startup via three intensive months of Y Combinator in Silicon Valley. They’ll share the trials, tribulations and lessons they learned along the way. This is the talk they wish they’d heard before they got started!

    Natalie co-founded Lanyrd on her honeymoon with her husband Simon. Before co-founding a startup, she worked as a senior client-side engineer at Clearleft in Brighton, UK. Today, she juggles leading design, client-side engineering and UX on the project with building the company. If Natalie had any time for hobbies, she would enjoy pottery, yoga, writing and flying her kite. Follow Natalie on Twitter: @Natbat

    Simon is a co-founder of Lanyrd, and co-creator of the Django web framework. Prior to diving in to the world of entrepreneurship, Simon built crowdsourcing and database journalism projects for the Guardian newspaper in London. Simon is responsible for all of the server-side code on Lanyrd, unsurprisingly written with Django. He is also obsessed with Zeppelins, and hopes one day to build one. Follow Simon on Twitter: @simonw

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  6. Trello: How A Proven Founder Launches A Startup – with Joel Spolsky | Business Tips

    How does one of tech’s most trusted entrepreneurs use his past experience to launch a new product? This is how Joel Spolsky launched Trello, an online collaboration tool. So I invited him to teach how he built and launched it.


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  7. The Lean Startup: 10 Reasons Most Startups FAIL

    Eric Ries (Co-founder of IMVU / Author & Founder of “The Lean Startup”) is sought after worldwide for the methodology he advocates for both startups and large companies. In this session, Eric explains why most startups fail, how The Lean Startup has revolutionized entrepreneurship, and what you can do TODAY to improve your odds of building a game-changing product. This session is sponsored by 500 Start Ups.

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  8. Josh Williams — Keynote: Where are we going?

    Today’s web is being defined more than ever by buzz words, catch phrases, fads and trends. Startups are being cre ated for star tups sake, stan dards are being hijacked by so-​​called “social media gurus,” and investors are pil ing on one after another look ing to hop on the next big wave. And we, the design ers, devel op ers and inno va tors actu ally build ing the web, are left to won der if we’re still in the dri vers seat.

    During this brisk dis cus sion we’ll sep a rate fads from the future, debate native apps ver sus the mobile web, take an hon est look at the hype behind geo-​​location, then take a step back to ask our selves where the web—and we ourselves—are going. Hold on, it’s going to be a wild ride!

    Josh Williams is CEO and co-founder of Gowalla, a mobile and Web service that gives people around the world a new way to communicate and express themselves through the everyday places and extraordinary settings they enjoy. Gowalla empowers everyone to capture and share their journey as they go while following the happenings of family and friends. Josh is responsible for building and growing the business while leading the product design team. Gowalla was launched in 2009 and is backed by notable investors including Greylock Partners, Alsop-Louie Partners, Founders Fund, and other prominent angel investors. Josh is a self-taught designer and artist who has been creating online for over 15 years. Josh loves mid-century modern design, architecture, skiing, snowboarding and longboarding. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two young daughters.


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